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Common Arabic Words

A list of the most common Arabic words ordered by their frequency of use. You can use this list to learn words efficiently, ensuring you cover the basic vocabulary of Arabic.

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Rank Word Meanings
1 لا 1. part. not, no
2. part. there is not, there is no
3. part. neither, nor
2 من 1. n. verbal noun of مَنَّ (form I)
2. n. gracious bestowal
3. n. favor
4. n. benefit, blessing, boon
5. n. gift, largess
3 هذا 1. pron. this
     (ḥarfan bi-ḥarfin) -
4 أن 1. conj. to, that
     (ʾin tuḥbib-nī) -
2. conj. that
     ((to a male) ’a‘rifu ’annaka saraqta sayyāratī./ (to a female) ’a‘rifu ’annaki saraqti sayyāratī.) -
5 في 1. prep. in
2. prep. times
3. v. feminine second person singular imperative active of وَفَى
6 أنا 1. pron. I (first person singular subject pronoun)
2. n. (psychology) ego
7 على 1. prep. on
2. v. to climb to (the roof)
3. adj. masculine plural of أَعْلَى
8 ما 1. pron. (interrogative) what?
2. pron. (indefinite) some, a certain
3. pron. (relative) that which, what
4. pron. (relative) something which
5. pron. (relative) whatever, all that
9 هل 1. part. initial interrogative particle that indicates a yes-or-no question.
10 يا 1. part. vocative particle, preceding a noun used in direct address; sometimes translated as O or hey
     يا كندا!
       yā kanadā!
      : O Canada!
     يا كريم...
11 و 1. conj. and
12 لقد 1. part. already (used with the past tense)
13 ذلك 1. pron. that (demonstrative pronoun)
     (yakburu ʾaḵāhu bi-ʿāmayni) -
14 ماذا 1. pron. what (interrogative pronoun)
2. pron. what on earth
15 أنت 1. pron. you, thou (masculine singular subject pronoun)
2. pron. you, thou (feminine singular subject pronoun)
16 هنا 1. adv. here, in this place
2. adv. there, then, now, by now, at this point
17 لم 1. adv. not (past tense)
     (bi-ḡayri) -
2. adv. alternative spelling of لِمَا لِمَا
3. v. masculine second person singular imperative active of لَامَ
18 إلى 1. prep. to, towards
2. prep. till, until
3. prep. near
19 نعم 1. adv. yes
2. v. first person plural non-past indicative active of عَمَّ (world)
3. v. first person plural non-past subjunctive active of عَمَّ (world)
4. v. first person plural non-past jussive active of عَمَّ (world)
20 كان 1. v. to be, to exist
2. v. to happen, to occur, to take place
21 هو 1. pron. he (subject pronoun).
2. pron. it (subject pronoun, referring to inanimate nouns of masculine gender)
3. n. (psychology) id
22 ان 1. Suffix. Suffix used in forming intensive adjectives of the pattern (m, ar, فَعْلَان), e.g. m, ar, تَعْبَان, , tired, m, ar, عَطْشَان, , thirsty, m, ar, غَضْبَان, , angry, m, ar, زَعْلَان, , annoyed, m, ar, كَ
2. Infix. Infix used in forming nisba (relative) adjectives, inserted between the base noun and the ending (m, ar, ِـيّ, tr=-iyy), e.g. m, ar, أَنَانِيّ, , selfish, based on m, ar, أَنَا or m, ar, عَلْمَانِيّ
23 هذه 1. pron. feminine singular of هٰذَا (this)
24 هناك 1. adv. there; there is/there are
25 عن 1. prep. off, away from
2. prep. from (source)
3. prep. out of (a feeling)
4. prep. about, on
5. prep. according to, as attested by, on authority of
26 كل 1. n. totality, entirety
2. n. each one, everyone
3. n. each, every (with following indefinite noun in the genitive)
4. n. whole, all (with following definite noun in the genitive)
5. v. masculine second person singular imperative active of أَكَلَ (world)
27 ليس 1. v. it is not
2. v. to be valiant, to be brave, to be courageous
3. n. verbal noun of لَيِسَ (form I)
4. adj. masculine plural of أَلْيَس
28 فقط 1. v. to write the word فقط (only) after the total on (an invoice) to prevent fraudulent modifications
2. v. to spell out the numbers on an invoice
3. adv. only, no more
4. adv. (after numbers) altogether, total
29 كنت 1. v. first person singular past active of كَانَ (father)
2. v. masculine second person singular past active of كَانَ (father)
3. v. feminine second person singular past active of كَانَ (father)
30 الآن 1. adv. now
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