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Common Danish Words

A list of the most common Danish words ordered by their frequency of use. You can use this list to learn words efficiently, ensuring you cover the basic vocabulary of Danish.

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Rank Word Root Meanings
1 er 1. v. present tense of være
være 1. v. to be
2 jeg 1. pron. (personal) I
2. n. self (an individual person as the object of his own reflective consciousness)
3. n. I, ego
3 det 1. art. (definite) the (used before an adjective preceding a noun)
     huset - the house; det gule hus - the yellow house
2. pron. (demonstrative) that
3. pron. (personal) it
4 du 1. pron. (personal) thou, you (2nd person singular subject pronoun, informal)
2. v. be good
3. v. be fit
5 ikke 1. adv. not, -n't (negation, denial, refusal)
2. adv. not, -n't (in a question when you want the answer to be yes)
     Er du ikke sulten? Nej jeg er mæt. - Art thou not hungry? No, I am full.
3. adv. isn't it so?, don't you?, can't he?
6 at 1. conj. that
2. part. to (infinitive-marker)
     Det er menneskeligt at fejle.
       To err is human.
7 en 1. art. a, an
2. num. (cardinal) one
3. pron. one
8 og 1. conj. and
9 har 1. v. present tense of have
have 1. n. garden
2. n. orchard
3. n. allotment
4. v. have, have got
5. n. plural indefinite of hav
10 vi 1. pron. we
11 til 1. adv. more
2. adv. additional
3. adv. another
4. adv. towards
5. conj. untill
12 1. prep. on
13 hvad 1. pron. what (interrogative pronoun)
2. pron. what (relative pronoun), which
3. conj. what (conjunction)
4. interj. what
14 mig 1. pron. (personal) me
15 med 1. prep. with
2. prep. by
3. prep. including, counting
16 de 1. pron. they
17 den 1. art. (definite) the (used before an adjective preceding a noun)
     bilen - the car; den røde bil - the red car
2. pron. (demonstrative) that, the
3. pron. (personal) it
18 for 1. n. lining (covering for the inside of something)
2. n. lining (material used for inside covering)
3. adv. too (more than enough; as too much)
4. adv. in front
5. adv. forward
19 der 1. adv. there (in or at that place)
2. pron. (relative) who, which, that
20 1. adv. so
2. v. sow
3. v. past tense of se
se 1. v. To see.
21 dig 1. pron. (personal) you (2nd person singular object pronoun, informal)
22 han 1. n. male, he
2. pron. he
23 af 1. prep. by
     the active part, originator: En roman af Hemingway - A novel by Hemingway
2. prep. of
     indicating connection: Ejeren af huset - The owner of the house
     in descriptions: En mand af format - A man of stature; Et hus lavet af træ - A house made of wood
24 vil 1. v. present tense of ville
2. v. imperative of ville
ville 1. v. want to, be willing to, shall, will, should
2. v. would
25 var 1. adj. (dated) ware
2. v. past tense of være
være 1. v. to be
26 her 1. adv. here
27 skal 1. n. shell, valve
2. n. skin, peel, rind
3. n. skull
4. v. present tense of skulle
5. v. imperative of skalle
skulle 1. v. should
2. v. must
3. v. have to
28 ved 1. prep. at, by
2. prep. in case of, in the event of (used with the conditional)
3. prep. upon, on, onto
4. adj. gentlemanly, refined
5. n. wood (the material of the inner parts of the trunk and branches of a tree)
29 men 1. n. injury
2. conj. but
3. conj. (as a noun) but, catch, hitch, snag
30 om 1. prep. about
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