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come across


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come across
     1. v. To give an appearance or impression, to project a certain image.
     2. v. To find, usually by accident.
     1. vi. To move from further away to nearer to.
     2. vi. To arrive
     3. vi. To appear, to manifest itself.
     4. vi. To take a position to something else in a sequence.
     5. vi. (slang) alternative spelling of cum To achieve orgasm.
     1. prep. To, toward(,) or from the far side of (something that lies between two points of interest).
     2. prep. On the opposite side of (something that lies between two points of interest).
     3. prep. (Southern US, AAVE) On the opposite side, relative to something that lies between, from (a point of interest).
     4. prep. From one side to the other within (a space being traversed).
     5. prep. At or near the far end of (a space).

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Example Sentences

I didn't mean it to come across like that. 
She said that she had been watching my signature change from male to a female on the purchasing requisitions that come across her desk. 
Occasionally you come across the odd bird, like this one, that bucks the species's trend and trots into view before slinking back into the shadows. 

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