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English Word Search Game

Word Search puzzles are useful to help improve your word recognition, spelling and vocabulary. Using the provided meanings as clues, search for the appropriate English word in the grid. Circle the word by clicking on the first and last letters of the word.

Word Clues
1 1. vt. To make happy or satisfy, to give pleasure.
2. vi. To desire, to will, to be pleased.
3. adv. Used to make a polite request.
2 1. n. The period between sunset and sunrise, when a location faces far away from the sun, thus when the sky is dark.
2. n. An evening or night spent at a particular activity.
3. n. A night (and part of the days before and after it) spent in a hotel or other accommodation.
3 1. adj. Attractive and possessing charm.
2. adj. (of the weather) pleasant, clear.
3. adj. well executed
4 1. adj. Physically secure and certain, non-failing, reliable.
2. adj. Certain in one's knowledge or belief.
3. adj. Certain to act or be a specified way.
5 1. num. (cardinal) A numerical value equal to 5, the number following four and preceding six. This many dots (•••••)
2. n. The digit/figure 5.
3. n. (US) A five-dollar bill.
6 1. v. To obstruct (an opening).
2. v. To move so that an opening is closed.
3. v. To put an end to.
7 1. n. plural of thing
2. n. One's clothes, furniture, luggage, or possessions collectively, stuff
8 1. n. The natural medium emanating from the Sun and other very hot sources (now recognised as electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 400-750 nm), within which vision is possible.
3. n. A source of illumination.
9 1. adv. (interrogative) Used to introduce questions about time.
2. adv. Used to introduce indirect questions about time.
3. conj. At what time.
10 1. n. The belief or expectation that something wished for can or will happen.
2. n. The actual thing wished for
3. n. A person or thing that is a source of hope
11 1. conj. Connecting noun clause (as involving reported speech etc.), introducing a subordinate noun clause. (from 9th c.)
2. conj. With antecedent so or such: introducing the result of the main clause. (from 11th c.)
3. pron. The (thing) being indicated (at a distance from the speaker, or previously mentioned, or at another time).
12 1. prep. In a circle around, all round, on every side of.
2. prep. In the immediate neighborhood of, in contiguity or proximity to, near, as to place.
3. prep. Near, not far from, regarding approximately time, size, quantity.
13 1. n. A group of fish or a group of marine mammals such as porpoises, dolphins, or whales.
2. v. (of fish) To form into, or travel in a school.
3. n. (US, Canada) An institution dedicated to teaching and learning, an educational institution.
14 1. n. A sequence of real or fictional causal events, or, an account of such a sequence.
2. n. A lie.
3. n. (chiefly US) A floor or level of a building, a storey.
15 v. simple past of take

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