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English Word Search Game

Word Search puzzles are useful to help improve your word recognition, spelling and vocabulary. Using the provided meanings as clues, search for the appropriate English word in the grid. Circle the word by clicking on the first and last letters of the word.

Word Clues
1 1. v. To continue in (a course or mode of action); not to intermit or fall from; to maintain.
3. v. (heading, transitive) To hold the status of something.
2 1. n. (irregular plural of man)
2. n. (collectively) (The) people, humanity
3 1. n. The act of running.
2. n. The route taken while running or skiing.
3. n. A flow of liquid, a leak.
4 1. vi. To move on the feet by alternately setting each foot (or pair or group of feet, in the case of animals with four or more feet) forward, with at least one foot on the ground at all times. Compare run.
2. vi. (legal) To "walk free", i.e. to win, or avoid, a criminal court case, particularly when actually guilty.
3. vi. Of an object, to be stolen.
5 v. third-person singular of come
6 1. n. Close attention, concern, responsibility
2. n. worry
3. n. maintenance, upkeep
7 1. pron. The (thing) here (used in indicating something or someone nearby).
2. pron. The known (thing) (used in indicating something or someone just mentioned).
3. pron. The known (thing) (used in indicating something or someone about to be mentioned).
8 1. n. A conversation or discussion.
2. n. A lecture.
3. n. (preceded by the) A major topic of social discussion.
9 1. v. (rare or archaic) To count or enumerate.
2. vt. To narrate.
3. vt. To convey by speech, to say.
10 1. adv. Back (to a former place or state). (from 11th c.)
2. adv. Another time, once more. (from 14th c.)
3. adv. Over and above a factor of one. (from 16th c.)
11 1. n. A portal of entry into a building or room, consisting of a rigid plane movable on a hinge. Doors are frequently made of wood or metal. May have a handle to help open and close, a latch to hold the doo
2. n. An non-physical entry into the next world, a particular feeling, a company, etc.
3. n. (computing, dated) A software mechanism by which a user can interact with a program running remotely on a bulletin board system.
12 1. n. An intense feeling of affection and care towards another person.
2. n. A deep or abiding liking for something.
3. n. A profound and caring attraction towards someone.
13 1. n. A grooved strip of lead used to hold panes of glass together.
2. v. simple past of come
3. v. simple past of cum
14 1. prep. In a lower level than.
2. prep. As a subject of
3. prep. Less than
15 1. n. A clear liquid having the chemical formula HO, required by all forms of life on Earth.
2. n. (sometimes ) Mineral water.
3. n. (, often in plural) Spa water.

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