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French Vocabulary: Actions

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English French Pronounce
to smile sourire
to laugh rire
to cry pleurer
to nod hocher de la tête
to shake your head secouer la tête
to shake hands serrer la main
to shake secouer
to turn tourner
to look regarder
to listen écouter
to smell sentir
to touch toucher
to wave saluer
to bend se courber
to walk marcher
to run courir
to swim nager
to talk parler
to whisper chuchoter
to sing chanter
to scream crier
to shout hurler
to yawn bailler
to point pointer
to hold tenir
to grip saisir
to cross your arms croiser les bras
to pull tirer
to hit frapper
to lick lécher
to swallow avaler
to eat manger
to shrug hausser des épaules
to lie s'allonger
to stand se tenir debout
to sit s'asseoir
to kneel s'agenouiller
to blink cligner des yeux
to wink faire un clin d'œil
to sneeze éternuer
to cough tousser
to stretch s'étirer
to slap gifler
to punch donner un coup de poing
to push pousser
to kick donner un coup de pied
to rub frotter
to dance danser
to drink boire
to taste goûter