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Conjugation of aimer

Common conjugations for the French verb aimer, and their English translations.

aimerto like

Present Indicative
j'aimeI like
tu aimesyou like
il aimehe likes
elle aimeshe likes
nous aimonswe like
vous aimezyou (formal) like
ils aimentthey like
elles aimentthey like

Imperfect Indicative
j'aimaisI was liking
tu aimaisyou were liking
il aimaithe was liking
elle aimaitshe was liking
nous aimionswe were liking
vous aimiezyou (formal) were liking
ils aimaientthey were liking
elles aimaientthey were liking

Passé Composé
j'ai aiméI have liked
tu as aiméyou have liked
il a aiméhe has liked
elle a aiméshe has liked
nous avons aiméwe have liked
vous avez aiméyou (formal) have liked
ils ont aiméthey have liked
elles ont aiméthey have liked

Future Indicative
j'aimeraiI will like
tu aimerasyou will like
il aimerahe will like
elle aimerashe will like
nous aimeronswe will like
vous aimerezyou (formal) will like
ils aimerontthey will like
elles aimerontthey will like

j'aimeraisI would like
tu aimeraisyou would like
il aimeraithe would like
elle aimeraitshe would like
nous aimerionswe would like
vous aimeriezyou (formal) would like
ils aimeraientthey would like
elles aimeraientthey would like

Present Subjunctive
j'aime(... that) I like
tu aimes(... that) you like
il aime(... that) he likes
elle aime(... that) she likes
nous aimions(... that) we like
vous aimiez(... that) you (formal) like
ils aiment(... that) they like
elles aiment(... that) they like

aime Like!
aimonsLet's like!
aimez Like! (pl)

Present Participle
aimant liking

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