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Words used in this podcast
Word Root Meanings
salon de coiffure 1. hairdresser's
écrire 1. v. to write
canari 1. n. canary (bird from Canary Islands)
suivez 1. v. second-person plural present indicative of suivre
2. v. second-person plural imperative of suivre
3. Participle. feminine plural past participle of suivre
suivre 1. v. to follow (literal sense)
2. : Je t'invite à me suivre.
3. :  | I invite you to follow me.
4. v. to follow| to get (figurative sense| to understand what someone is saying)
5. : Il nous faut travailler dur. Tu me suis ?
pincé 1. v. past participle of pincer
pincer 1. v. to pinch (skin)
2. v. (informal) to pinch (to arrest)
3. v. (music) To pluck (a stringed instrument)
douanier 1. adj. customs (attributive)
2. n-m. customs officer.
enfance 1. n. (, and, un) childhood
chien 1. n-m. dog
2. n-m. cock, hammer (of a firearm)
dinde 1. n. turkey-hen (a female turkey)
2. n. (cooking) turkey meat (of a male or a female turkey)
balance 1. n. scales
2. n. (chemistry, physics) balance
3. n. (economics, electricity, politics) balance
4. n. (fishing) drop-net
5. n. (slang) informant, snitch
balancer 1. v. (reflexive) swing, to swing, (to do a reciprocating movement)
2. v. (reflexive) swing, to swing, (to ride on a swing)
3. v. (Quebec) balance, to balance, (make the credits and debits of (an account) correspond)
4. v. (France, slang) denounce, to denounce, (to make a formal or public accusation against, (l), en, rat, to rat,)
5. v. (informal) toss, to toss, (to throw)
chameau 1. n-m. (male) camel
ou 1. conj. or
2. conj. either
3. : Ou il est fou ou il est bête - Either he's mad or he's stupid
salle à manger 1. n-f. dining room
préoccupé 1. v. past participle of préoccuper
2. adj. concerned
préoccuper 1. v. to concern, preoccupy
infirmière 1. n-f. nurse

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