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Words used in this podcast
Word Root Meanings
anniversaire 1. n. birthday
2. n. anniversary
et 1. conj. and
troupeau 1. n. herd (of horses, bulls, elephants, buffalo etc.)
2. n. drove (of animals being transported)
3. n. flock (of sheep), gaggle (of geese)
sorte 1. n. sort, kind, type
2. n. way, manner
3. v. First-person singular subjunctive present of sortir
4. v. Third-person singular subjunctive present of sortir
yaourt 1. n. yoghurt
découper 1. v. to cut up, to chop up
2. v. to cut out (to remove by cutting)
3. v. to zone, to divide up (into areas)
4. v. (figuratively) to cast shadow (against a background), to silhouette
cracha 1. v. third-person singular past historic form of cracher
cracher 1. v. to spit
exemple 1. n. example
demain 1. adv. tomorrow
mauvais 1. adj. bad
2. adj. wrong, incorrect
vêtements 1. n. plural of vêtement
vêtement 1. n. garment, item of clothing
2. n. (in plural vêtements) clothes, clothing
dix-neuf 1. num. nineteen
chambre à coucher 1. n. bedroom (room in a house where a bed is kept for sleeping)
élémentaire 1. adj. elementary
placard 1. n. A cupboard, cabinet or closet built against or into a wall.
2. n. An ad that is felt to be injurious, seditious or in otherwise bad taste.
3. n. (dated) A placard.

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