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Portuguese Vocabulary: Actions

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English Portuguese Pronounce
to smile sorrir
to laugh rir
to cry chorar
to nod assentir
to shake your head abanar a cabeça
to shake hands apertar a mão
to shake agitar
to turn virar
to look olhar
to listen ouvir
to smell cheirar
to touch tocar
to wave acenar
to bend dobrar
to walk andar
to run correr
to swim nadar
to talk falar
to whisper sussurrar
to sing cantar
to scream gritar
to shout berrar
to yawn bocejar
to point apontar
to hold segurar
to grip agarrar
to cross your arms cruzar os braços
to pull puxar
to hit bater
to lick lamber
to swallow engolir
to eat comer
to shrug encolher
to lie deitar
to stand erguer
to sit sentar
to kneel ajoelhar
to blink pestanejar
to wink piscar o olho
to sneeze espirrar
to cough tossir
to stretch alongar
to slap dar um estalo
to punch dar um murro
to push empurrar
to kick dar um pontapé
to rub esfregar
to dance dançar
to drink beber
to taste provar