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No me queda bien este gorro.



This hat doesn't fit me.


En este ejemplo, quedar significa que la prenda de ropa se adapta perfectamente a la persona que la lleva y se ve bien.


     1. adv. no
     2. adv. not
     3. abbrev. number
     1. pron. (personal direct object) me
     2. pron. (personal indirect object) to me, for me
     3. pron. (personal reflexive) myself
     1. adj. feminine of quedo
     2. n. curfew
     3. v. informal second-person affirmative imperative of quedar
     4. v. second-person present indicative of quedar
     5. v. third-person present indicative of quedar
          1. vi. to be
          2. vi. to be situated, to be located
          3. vi. to be left, to remain
          4. vi. to fit, to suit (clothes)
          5. vi. to turn out, e.g. well or poorly
          6. vi. to agree, to arrange
          7. vr. to stay, to remain
          8. vr. to continue, to keep on
          9. vr. to keep, take
          10. v. (pronominal, colloquial) to play for a fool
          11. vr. to turn out, become, go (usually used for negative, physical descriptions)
          12. vi. to agree on
          13. vi. To meet up (for drinks)
me queda
          1. vr. () to stay, remain
          1. adj. quiet, still
          2. adv. quietly
          3. v. first-person present indicative of quedar
     1. adv. well
     2. adv. properly
     3. adv. willingly
     4. n. good (as opposed to evil)
     5. n. goodness
     6. n. welfare, benefit
     7. n. (plural) goods, property, possessions, assets, wealth, estate
     1. adj. this
     2. pron. alternative spelling of éste
     3. interj. uh (space filler in a conversation)
     4. n. east
          1. v. second-person singular present indicative of ser
          2. v. third-person singular present indicative of ser
          1. v. to be (essentially or identified as).
          2. v. to be (in the passive voice sense)
          3. v. to exist, to occur
          4. n. A being, organism.
          5. n. Nature, essence
          6. n. Value, worth
          1. pron. you (familiar objective case form)
     1. n. cap
     2. n. hat

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