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in advance


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in advance
     1. adv. beforehand
     1. prep. Contained by.
     2. prep. Surrounded by.
     3. prep. Part of, a member of.
     4. prep. Pertaining to (that particular thing).
     5. prep. Immediately after a period of time.
     1. v. To bring forward, to move towards the van or front, to make to go on.
     2. v. To raise to a higher rank, to promote.
     3. v. To accelerate the growth or progress, to further, to forward, to help on, to aid, to heighten.
     4. v. To bring to view or notice, to offer or propose, to show.
     5. v. To make earlier, as an event or date, to hasten.

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Example Sentences

I'll pay for a week in advance
Such warnings give the security and intelligence agencies a blanket pre-emptive cover in advance of any terrorist outrage. 
Even in advance the pundits were gloating. 
What he does is he makes up sentences in advance and memorises them, and when he gets into a situation where he can't avoid interacting with someone he picks out the appropriate ones. 

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