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by chance


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by chance
     1. phrase. Accidental(ly) or unexpected(ly).
     1. prep. Near or next to.
     2. prep. At some time before (the given time), or before the end of a given time interval.
     3. prep. Indicates the actor in a clause with its verb in the passive voice Through the action or presence of.
     4. prep. Indicates the creator of a work Existing through the authorship etc of.
     5. prep. Indicates the cause of a condition or event Through the action of, caused by, responsibility for, by dint of.
     1. n. An opportunity or possibility.
     2. n. Random occurrence, luck.
     3. n. The probability of something happening.
     4. v. To try or risk.
     5. v. To discover something by chance.

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Example Sentences

You think I came here by chance
She made the discovery by chance while learning to scuba dive and would not reveal the exact location, fearing it might be overrun. 

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