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Wir gehen nach links.


We're going to the left.


     pron. we
     v. (intransitive) to go, to walk
     v. to walk (some distance); to go (some distance) by foot
     v. (intransitive) to leave
     v. (intransitive) to leave, to take off (airplane, train)
     v. (impersonal, intransitive) to be going; to be alright; indicates how the dative object fares
     v. (colloquial, intransitive) to be possible
     v. (colloquial, intransitive) to work, to function (of a machine, method or the like)
     v. (colloquial, intransitive) to be in progress; to last
     v. (regional or dated, impersonal, intransitive, with “auf” followed by a time) to approach; to be going (on some one)
     prep. after, past (later in time)
     prep. after, behind (in sequence)
     prep. to, towards (with geographical names; see usage notes below)
     prep. according to; guided by
     prep. by the authority of; following
     prep. (with verbs of sensual perception) like (see usage notes below)
     post. according to
     adv. (in compound verbs) after, behind, later, next to
gehen nach
     v. first-person plural present of nachgehen
     v. third-person plural present of nachgehen
     v. first-person plural subjunctive I of nachgehen
     v. third-person plural subjunctive I of nachgehen
     adv. on the left
     adv. to the left
     adv. inside out

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