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De que é feito?


What is this made of?


     1. prep. of
     2. prep. 's, possession suffix
     3. prep. from
     4. prep. by the means of, by
     5. prep. as, dressed as.
     6. prep. -long, indicating time duration
     7. prep. A compound word connector, often not translated into English
     1. conj. that (connecting noun clause)
     2. conj. that (introducing the result of the main clause)
     3. conj. than (used in comparisons, to introduce the basis of comparison)
     4. conj. (familiar only in subordinate clauses) because (by or for the cause that)
     5. pron. what (used interrogatively in asking for the specification)
     6. pron. what a (preceding nouns); how (preceding adjectives) (used as a modifier to indicate surprise, delight, or other strong feelings)
     1. interj. that’s right; yes; indicates agreement
     2. interj. erm; um; (used in hesitant speech)
          1. v. Denotes a permanent quality; to be;
          2. v. Denotes location in time; to be;
          3. v. Auxiliary verb for the passive voice, precedes verb in participle; to be.
          4. v. To be correct, to be true; particularly as answer or reaffirmation of a previous statement.
          5. v. (auxiliary preceding past participle) forms the passive voice
          6. v. to cost (to be worth a given amount of money)
          7. v. to happen; to take place
          8. n. being (a living creature)
     1. adj. done, made, produced, created
     2. n. feat, deed, accomplishment
     3. interj. deal (seals an agreement)
          1. v. to make, to create, to produce
          2. v. to do, to execute, to perform
          3. v. to cause by force
          4. v. to represent
          5. v. to arrange, to clean up, to tidy
          6. v. to cook, to prepare, to fix
          7. v. to turn; to reach an age; to have a birthday
          8. v. to change price of a product, usually to make cheaper in a bargain
          9. v. (transitive impersonal) to pass time
          10. v. (transitive impersonal) to be; to occur a weather phenomenon
          11. v. first-person singular future subjunctive of fazer
          12. v. third-person singular future subjunctive of fazer

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