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Está prohibido llevar armas.



Carrying of arms is prohibited.


     1. v. second-person singular present indicative of estar
     2. v. third-person singular present indicative of estar
     3. v. informal second-person singular positive imperative of estar
          1. v. To have a (transient) location in space. Compare ser, quedar.
          2. v. Denotes a copula, in a transient fashion. Compare ser.
          3. v. Auxiliary verb for the progressive aspect, precedes the gerund of the verb.
     1. adj. forbidden
     2. v. past participle of prohibir
          1. vt. to forbid, to prohibit, to enjoin
     1. vt. to take, carry, take away, carry away (implies to move something further from who speaks)
     2. vt. to lead away, to carry away (implies moving someone further from the speaker)
     3. vt. to have spent time
     4. vt. to wear (short form of llevar puesto)
     5. vt. to include (have as a component, part, accesory or ingredient)
     1. n. plural of arma
     2. v. informal second-person present indicative of armar
          1. v. to arm (supply with weapons)
          2. v. to provoke
          1. n. weapon.
          2. v. informal second-person affirmative imperative of armar
          3. v. second-person present indicative of armar
          4. v. third-person present indicative of armar

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