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     1. n. The fact or action of speaking, as opposed to writing or to action. (from 9th c.)
     2. n. (now rare except in phrases) Something which has been said, a comment, utterance, speech. (from 10th c.)
     3. n. A distinct unit of language (sounds in speech or written letters) with a particular meaning, composed of one or more morphemes, and also of one or more phonemes that determine its sound pattern. (fr
     4. n. A distinct unit of language which is approved by some authority.
     5. n. News, tidings. (from 10th c.)
     6. n. An order, a request or instruction. (from 10th c.)
     7. n. A promise, an oath or guarantee. (from 10th c.)
     8. n. (theology, sometimes Word) Christ. from 8th c.
     9. n. (theology, sometimes Word) Communication from god, the message of the Christian gospel, the Bible. from 10th c.
     10. n. A brief discussion or conversation. (from 15th c.)
     11. n. (in the plural) Angry debate or conversation, argument. from 15th c.
     12. n. Any sequence of letters or characters considered as a discrete entity. (from 19th c.)
     13. n. (telegraphy) A unit of text equivalent to five characters and one space. from 19th c.
     14. n. (computing) A fixed-size group of bits handled as a unit by a machine. On many 16-bit machines a word is 16 bits or two bytes. from 20th c.
     15. n. (computer science) A finite string which is not a command or operator.
     16. n. (group theory) A group element, expressed as a product of group elements.
     17. n. Different symbols, written or spoken, arranged together in a unique sequence that approximates a thought in a person's mind.
     18. vt. To say or write (something) using particular words.
     19. interj. (slang) truth, to tell or speak the truth, the shortened form of the statement, "My word is my bond," an expression eventually shortened to "Word is bond," before it finally got cut to just "Word," wh
     20. interj. (slang) An abbreviated form of word up, a statement of the acknowledgment of fact with a hint of nonchalant approval.

Example Sentences

That's not the word for it. 
You're not to mention a word of this to her. 
When colleagues want a word with him, he makes time. 
I guess intense would be a better word
There is one word that is most sacred to me. 

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