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1 to
     1. 至,到
to the sink
she turned to the stove
2 a
     1. 冠词. 英語字母中第一個字母,小寫為a
     2. 冠词. 不定冠詞,用於可數單數名詞前,表示一個,又同one
     3. 冠词. (古典語言學)A原本是希伯來語和腓尼基語的第一個字母,經由希臘文和拉丁文演變而來,相等於希臘文的alpha,在英文中原來表示 後低開口母音(low-back-wide vowel sound),但現在則代表數個母音
with a sigh
a thing that sang
3 and
and his eyes
and paid his debts
4 you
     1. 代词. 第二人称单数或复数代词:你,你们。
how do you know
what do you mean
5 I
     1. 代词.
I asked
6 of
     1. 介词. 屬於
being afraid of them
matter-of-fact fashion
7 in
     1. 介词. (表示位置)在…里面、在、于、在…部位上
           The dog is in the kennel. 狗在狗窝。
     2. 介词. (表示时间)在…时期、在…之后、在过程中
           They said they would call us in a week. 他们说会在一周内给我们打电话。
           in the first week of December 在十二月的第一周
in that rocker
in the meantime
8 it
     1. 代词.
it was gently
it read as follows
9 that
     1. 代词. 那个、那
a thing that sang
in that cupboard, maybe
10 is
     1. 动词. (用於第三人稱單數現在式) 是
what is it
the law is the law
          1. 动词.
          2. 动词. 有、存在
11 for
     1. 為了,为
     2. 给,对,供
     3. 关于
     4. 代表
     5. 支持,拥护
for a moment
held for murder
12 he
     1. 代词. 他(用於男子,或不清楚性別的人物(但現今通常用he/she))
said he
he announced
13 was
     1. 动词. 是(be的第一人称、第三人称單數过去式)
it was small
the body was gone
          1. 动词.
          2. 动词. 有、存在
14 have
     1. 动词. [及物]有,拥有,持有
           I have a house and a car. 我有一栋房子和一辆车。
           Look what I have here — a frog I found on the street! 看我这里有什么——一只我在街上发现的青蛙!
     2. 动词. [及物](表示关系)有
           I have two elder sisters. 我有两个姐姐。
I have
he might have found it
15 be
     1. 动词.
           I am a student. 我是学生。
           Ignorance is bliss. 无知是福。
     2. 动词. 有、存在
           Once upon a time, there was a monk who lived in isolation. 从前有个隐居的僧侣。
to be sure
and be lively
16 with
     1. 一起,与、同
with a grin
bright with polished wood
17 me
     1. 代词. (I 的宾语)我
           Can you hear me? 能听到我吗?
           Don't worry, it's me. 别怕,是我。
           He is taller than me. 他比我高。
           Come with me. 跟我来。
it might ruin me
but he put me off
18 this
     1. 代词. 这个、这
by this time I
look at this door
19 but
     1. 但是
but that
20 not
     1. 不是、不
not at all
not really think