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20 not
     1. 不是、不
not at all
and not finished
21 we
     1. 我们
we think
we mustn't take on
22 are
     1. 动词. (用於第二人稱單、複數現在式,第一、三人稱複數現在式) 是
here they are
that we are only human
          1. 动词.
          2. 动词. 有、存在
23 my
     1. 我的
my cat got in the room
24 what
     1. 代词. (疑问代词)什么,甚么,何(物)
           What is your address?  你的地址是多少?
           You told them what?  你告诉他们什么了?
     2. 代词. (英式、口语)疑问代词,等同于"Don't you agree?"。不是吗?你不觉得吗?
           It's rather late, what?  很晚了,不是吗?
what do you mean
what a pretty box!
25 as
     1. 像, 当, 因为
as a rule
as the medical evidence proved
26 they
     1. 代词. 他们
they were soon back
maybe they wouldn't
27 at
     1. 介词. 於、在
look at it!
except at night
28 his
     1. 他的
his assistants
wiped his forehead
29 do
     1. 动词. (助動詞) (用于实义动词前构成否定句和疑问句)
           Do you go? 你去吗?
           I do not go. 我不去。
     2. 动词. (助動詞) (句中无其他助动词时,用以加强语气)
           But I do go. 但我确实去。
I do know
how do you know
30 her
     1. 代词. (用作动词或介词宾语)她
           Please give her my regards. 请代我问候她。
her silence
but at her words
31 she
     1. 代词. 她。
she rose
she said to herself
32 don't
     1. 名词. 不该做的事情
           dos and don'ts 该做的和不该做的事情
          1. 动词. (助動詞) (用于实义动词前构成否定句和疑问句)
          2. 动词. (助動詞) (句中无其他助动词时,用以加强语气)
          1. 不是、不
33 so
     1. 所以﹝不可與because連用﹞
     2. 如此
just so
and so I said
34 just
     1. 形容词. 公正的
     2. 副词. 刚,刚才
     3. 副词. 只,就
just so
but just set there
35 out
     1. 向外面
     2. 出外
     3. 在户外
     4. 离开
     5. 失业
and I won out
I was out there two years
36 about
     1. 介词. 大約
     2. 介词. 關於
     3. 介词. 对于
     4. 介词. 大约
     5. 介词. 左右
worrying about her fruit
before we move things about
37 up
     1. 介词. 上、在上面
light up
looked up
38 if
     1. 一旦
if he shares this room
then, as if with an effort
39 like
     1. 动词. 好像
     2. 动词. 喜歡
     3. 动词. 類似 電子計算機
     4. 动词. 一样
you didn't like her
it was like a vision