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Translations for face and their definitions

     1. n. face, visage, countenance
     2. n. front
     3. n. mask
     4. n. character, part in a drama
     5. n. appearance
     6. n. person

     1. n. seat, chair, stool, bench
     2. n.          seat, abode, throne
     3. n.          seat, place, base
     4. n.          (in the plural) quarters of the sky in which omens appeared
     5. n.          seat of a physiological process
     6. n. the act of sitting
     7. n.          sitting still, inactivity, delay
     8. n.          position
     9. n.          sitting, session
     10. n. seat, breech, fundament
     11. n.          (of animals) rump
     12. n. (geometry) face of a regular solid

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