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The Dutch word for boy is


Translations for boy and their definitions

     1. n. A boy, any male kid
     2. n. (in the plural: jongens) Members of a male 'peers' group, e.g. a military unit
     3. n. (slang used in the vocative) A dude, a colloquial term of address for a man
     4. n. Plural form of jong
     5. v. (intransitive) To give birth, have offspring, i.e. deliver one or more young
     6. v. (figuratively intransitive) To multiply, grow

     1. n. boy, usually adolescent
     2. n. (by extension) Any human male, regardless of age
     3. n. (chiefly in compounds) A servant, helper
     4. n. A big one, whopper, said of a creature or an object

     1. n. a male domestic servant, especially colored in a colony

     1. n. Plural form of man

     1. n. (mythology) A water spirit, especially one who lures (young) people to drown; a neck, nixie
     2. n. (pejorative) A nigger

     1. n. Plural form of jongen
     2. n. (colloquial) guys, a form of address for a group of male persons or a group of mixed male and female persons.
           Hoi jongens! - Hey guys!
     3. interj. boy!

     1. n. lad, fellow, bloke

     1. n. Plural form of kerel

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