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The Dutch word for to hold is

to hold

Translations for to hold and their definitions

     1. v. to keep
           Hou je handen thuis!
             Keep your hands off!
     2. v. to hold
           een gesprek houden
             to hold a conversation
     3. v. (~ van) to love, to like
           Ik hou van ijs.
             I like ice cream.

     1. adj. spacious
     2. adj. large, wide
     3. adj. ample, generous
           Die portie is ruim bemeten.
             That portion in amply measured.
     4. adv. more than, over, easily
           Het weegt ruim een ton.
             It weighs over a ton.
     5. n. (with definite article) The wide, open space
     6. n. (nautical) A cargo hold
     7. v. first-person singular present indicative of ruimen
     8. v. imperative of ruimen

     1. v. to hold (onto), to retain
           Kun je dat even voor me vasthouden?
             Can you hold that for me for a moment?

     1. v. to contain
           Het bevatte drie doosjes en een steen. — It contained three boxes and a stone.
     2. v. to comprehend
           Dat kon ik niet bevatten. — I couldn't comprehend that.

     1. v. to keep up with (the pace)
     2. v. to maintain, upkeep

     1. v. to stop, to inhibit
     2. v. to hold back, to keep at bay
     3. v. to arrest

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