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The Dutch word for to listen is

to listen

Translations for to listen and their definitions

     1. v. to listen, obey, comply
           je naar de radio? — Do you listen to the radio?
           Ja, ik ernaar. — Yes, I listen to it.
           Je moet naar me! — You need to listen to me!

     1. v. To obey.

     1. v. to hear.
           Ik hoor niets. - I hear nothing.
     2. v. to belong
           Zij horen bij ons. - They belong with us.
     3. v. to be supposed to, to be meant to
           Dat hoort hier te liggen. - That is supposed to be lying here.
           Je hoort dat zo te doen. - You are supposed to do it that way.

     1. v. To attend, pay attention
           zodat je niet verdwaald — pay close attention so that you don't get lost

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