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Words used in this podcast
Word Root Meanings
ces 1. det. masculine and feminine plural of ce: these, those
souris 1. n-f. mouse (rodent)
2. n-f. (computing) computer mouse
3. n-f. A part of a leg of lamb
4. v. first-person singular present indicative of sourire
5. v. second-person singular present indicative of sourire
gilet 1. n. waistcoat, vest
2. n. sweater
quelque 1. pron. some (singular)
un 1. art. an, a
2. num. one
3. n-m. one
4. pron. one
Londres 1. London
mâchoire 1. n-f. jaw| jawbone
idées 1. n. plural of idée
idée 1. n. idea
quatrième 1. adj. fourth
2. n. fourth
ou 1. conj. or
2. conj. either...or
3. : Ou il est fou ou il est bête. - Either he's mad or he's stupid.
échoué 1. v. past participle of échouer
thon 1. n. tuna
2. n. (pejorative) an ugly woman
chameau 1. n-m. (male) camel
âne 1. n. donkey, ass
2. n. idiot, moron
3. n. dunce
sirop de fruits 1. cordial
fermeture 1. n. closing
2. n. fastener

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