Daily French Audio - Words

Words used in this podcast
Word Root Meanings
en vie 1. adj. living, alive
grille-pain 1. n. toaster
pêche 1. n. peach
2. n. fishing, angling
pêcher 1. v. to fish
2. n. peach tree
outil 1. n-m. tool (something designed to aid in a task)
radiateur 1. n. radiator (heating appliance)
solide 1. adj. secure, solid, firm, substantial
2. adj. stout
3. adj. sterling
4. n. solid
parie 1. v. first-person singular present indicative of parier
2. v. third-person singular present indicative of parier
3. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of parier
4. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of parier
5. v. second-person singular imperative of parier
parier 1. v. to bet (make a guess about the outcome of an event)
faucon 1. n. falcon
toit 1. n. roof
Grèce 1. Greece
reçu 1. adj. accomplished
2. n-m. receipt
3. v. past participle of recevoir
recevoir 1. v. to receive
et 1. conj. and
volant 1. Participle. present participle of voler
2. : Voici un oiseau volant.
3. :  | Here's a flying bird.
4. n. steering wheel
5. n. (technical) flywheel
voler 1. v. (intransitive) to fly (through the air)
2. v. to fly (an aircraft)
3. v. (falconry, transitive) to pursue flying
4. v. (intransitive) to scarper, flee
5. v. to steal, rob
enfants 1. n. plural of enfant
enfant 1. n. child (someone who is not yet an adult)
2. n. child (offspring)
plus 1. adv. more, -er (used to form comparatives of adjectives)
2. : Ton voisin est plus moche que mon frère
3. :  | Your neighbour is uglier than my brother.
4. : Le tien est beaucoup plus grand que le mien.
5. :  | Yours is much bigger than mine.

Dictionary entries from Wiktionary