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Words used in this podcast
Word Root Meanings
petit-déjeuner 1. breakfast
profonds 1. adj. masculine plural of profond
profond 1. adj. deep
2. : le lac est profond de 100 mètres - the lake is 100 metres deep
3. adj. profound
flocon 1. n. a flock (as of wool)
2. n. a snowflake, a small mass of falling snow
3. n. a flake of cereal, as of cornflakes
gouvernail 1. n. rudder (underwater vane used to steer a vessel)
bureau 1. n-m. desk
2. n-m. office (room)
3. n-m. ticket office
4. n-m. the staff of an office
5. n-m. office| an administrative unit
assez 1. adv. enough
2. adv. quite
3. adv. rather
bondé 1. v. past participle of bonder
2. adj. crowded, packed
tombé 1. v. past participle of tomber
tante 1. n. aunt
2. : Ma mère et ma tante sont jumelles. - My mother and my aunt are twins.
3. n. (pejorative) homosexual (man)| faggot, fag (US)| poof (UK)
4. : T'as vu cette tante qui traversait la rue ? - Did you see that faggot crossing the street?
bouilli 1. v. past participle of bouillir
lacs 1. n. plural of lac
2. n-m. (archaic) noose
3. n-m. (archaic) lasso
4. n-m. snare, trap
lac 1. n. lake
onze 1. num. eleven
vide 1. adj. empty
2. adj. blank (page, tape)
3. adj. vacant| unfurnished (apartment)
4. n. (empty) space
5. n. vacuum, void
chat 1. n. cat (feline)
2. n. (male) cat, tom, tomcat
3. n. tag, tig (children’s game)
4. n. (Internet) chat (online discussion)
journal 1. adj. That is relative to each day| journal.
2. n-m. diary, journal
3. n-m. newspaper
4. n-m. periodical
5. n-m. newsbreak

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