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Word Root Meanings
jouets 1. n. plural of jouet
jouet 1. n. toy| plaything
défense 1. n. defence (action of defending or protecting from attack, danger or injury, or any means for that purpose)
2. n. (legal) defence
3. n. (sports) defence
4. n. prohibition
5. : défense de fumer - no smoking
homard 1. n. lobster
encore 1. adv. still
2. : Êtes-vous encore là? - Are you still there?
3. adv. more
4. : Voulez-vous encore du pain ? - Would you like more bread?
5. : Tu en veux encore? - Do you want some more?
navire 1. n. ship
midi 1. n. noon, midday
2. n. south
3. n. (specifically) southern France, the Midi
droite 1. adj. feminine singular of droit
2. n. (geometry) straight line
3. n. (politics) the right, right wing
4. n. right, right-hand side
droit 1. n. right (entitlement)
2. : J'ai le droit de dormir.
3. :  | I have the right to sleep
4. n. law (study of law)
5. : Il est étudiant en droit.
que 1. conj. that (introduces a noun clause and connects it to its parent clause)
2. : Je vois que tu parles bien français. — I see that you speak French well.
3. conj. (used with ne) only (ne ... que parses roughly as "(does) not / nothing ... other than")
4. : Je ne mange que des fruits. — I eat only fruits.
5. conj. Substitutes for another, previously stated conjunction.
de 1. prep. of (expresses belonging)
2. : Paris est la capitale de la France. - Paris is the capital of France.
3. prep. of (used to express property or association)
4. : Œuvres de Fermat - Fermat’s Works
5. : Elle est la femme de mon ami. - She is my friend’s wife.
trouvé 1. v. past participle of trouver
2. adj. found, being to object of a find(ing)
3. adj. invented, thought-up, imagined
4. adj. found and somehow taken in, as said of a foundling
morceaux 1. n. plural of morceau
morceau 1. n-m. piece, slice, bit, morsel
2. n-m. (Quebec, slang) gun, piece
tondu 1. v. past participle of tondre
écrou 1. n. nut (that fits on a bolt), female screw
2. n. A prison register, prison admission form.
chèvres 1. n. plural of chèvre
chèvre 1. n-f. she-goat
2. n. goat cheese (US), goat's cheese (UK)
vieux 1. adj. old
2. n-m. old person

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