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The Indonesian word for head is


Indonesian Definition

     1. kepala, hulu
     2. menuju

Translations for head and their definitions

     1. to head

     1. n. (anatomy) head: the part of the body of an animal or human which contains the brain, mouth and main sense organs.
     2. n. (figurative) leader, chief, head
           Kepala suku - Tribal chief
           Kepala sekolah - Head teacher (lit. "head of school")
     3. n. (computing) head: part of a disk drive responsible for reading and writing data.

     1. n. (anatomy) head (part of the body)
     2. n. upstream
     3. n. village
     4. n. handle
     5. n. beginning

     1. v. to lead:
     2. v.          to guide or conduct, as by accompanying, going before, showing, influencing, directing with authority, etc.; to have precedence or preeminence; to be f
     3. v.          to guide or conduct in a certain course, or to a certain place or end, by making the way known; to show the way, especially by going with or going in a
     4. v.          to be ahead of others, to have the highest interim score in a game.
     5. v. to guide:
     6. v.          to serve as a guide for someone or something; to lead or direct in a way; to conduct in a course or path.
     7. v.          to supervise the education or training of someone
     8. v. to conduct
     9. v. to head:
     10. v.          to be in command of
     11. v.          to come at the beginning of; to commence
     12. v. to direct:
     13. v.          to manage, to control, to steer.
     14. v.          to point out to with authority; to instruct as a superior; to order.

     1. n. leader
     2. n. guidance

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