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The Indonesian word for one is

Indonesian Definition

     1. satu

Translations for one and their definitions

     1. num. one
           salah satu - one of

     1. num. a; an
           suatu masalah - a problem

     1. n. oneness:
     2. n.          state of being one or undivided; unity.
     3. n.          the product of being one or undivided.
     4. n. unit
     5. n.          oneness, singularity, seen as a component of a whole number; a magnitude of one.
     6. n.          (sciences) a standard measure of a quantity.
     7. n.          an organized group comprising people and/or equipment.

     1. v. to agree
           Aku setuju! - I agree!
     2. v. to consent
     3. n. having a common (same) goal

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