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The Indonesian word for to run is

to run

Indonesian Definition

     1. lari, berlari

Translations for run and their definitions

     1. to run

     1. v. to run

     1. v. to drive (e.g. a car)
           Saya pun menjalankan mobil dengan kecepatan tinggi. - I was driving the car at high speed.
     2. v. (figurative) to run or operate (e.g. a company, a business)
           menjalankan firma - to operate a firm (a business)
     3. v. (figurative) to execute, to carry out (e.g. an order)
           Presiden menjalankan undang-undang. - The President executes the law(s).
           Polisi menjalankan tugas. - The police execute (perform) their duty.
           menjalankan perintah - to carry out orders
     4. v. to start (e.g. an engine, a car); to set in motion
           menjalankan mesin - to start the engine

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