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Translations for sleep and their definitions

     1. v. sleep

     1. n-m. sleep, slumber

     1. n-m. verbal noun of codail, , sleep
     2. n-m. sleep, slumber
           Tá codladh orm. - I am sleepy. (lit. "Sleep is on me") (lit. "Sleep is on me")
           Cuireann léamh codladh uirthi. - Reading makes her sleepy. (lit. "Reading puts sleep on her") (lit. "Reading puts sleep on her")
           Tá mo dheartháir ina chodladh. - My brother is asleep. (lit. "My brother is in his sleep") (lit. "My brother is in his sleep")

     1. n-m. pus
     2. n-m. discharge from eyes during sleep
     3. n-f. Alternative form of braich, , malt
     4. v. Alternative form of braich, , malt

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