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Translations for smoke and their definitions

     1. n-m. smoke
     2. n-m. vapour, steam
     3. n-m. (figuratively) occupied house

     1. v. to wear
     2. v. to consume
     3. v.          to smoke (tobacco)
     4. v.          to take (medicine)
     5. v. to spend
     6. v. to throw
     7. v. (in future and conditional) must, have to
           Caithfidh mé imeacht. - I have to go.

     1. n-f. smoke
           Proverb     An áit a mbíonn toit bíonn tine. - Where there's smoke, there's fire.
           Níl sa saol ach gaoth agus toit. - The world is only wind and smoke.
     2. n-f.          vapour, steam
                    Proverb     Níl sa saol ach gaoth is toit. - Life is only wind and vapour.
     3. n-f. (familiar) batch of shellfish, piece of meat, etc., roasted on embers

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