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1 1. conj. also, too, as well
2. part. (a linking particle)
2 v. to be
3 1. classifier. classifier used with people and occupations
2. n. people, person, guy, man, human being
3. Prefix. (agent prefix, person who) -er, -or (designating an occupation)
4 1. adv. already (used a general marker that indicates a specified action has happened or state has been attained)
2. adv. next; then; afterwards; so; finally; and (positioned at the beginning of a clause indicating the ordering of events or agreement with main clause)
5 1. n. subject, matter, content
2. n. state, condition, manner
3. n. lawsuit (as known as คดีความ)
6 v. will, shall (future tense marker)
7 1. prep. of
2. n. property
3. n. belongings
8 1. n. task
2. n. prefix to convert a verb or an adjective into an abstract noun
9 1. conj. and
2. prep. with
10 1. conj. that
2. conj. as
3. v. to say, to speak, to tell
11 1. adv. no, not
2. conj. nor
3. interj. no
12 v. to come
13 1. v. to go (move to another place).
2. adv. too (too much)
14 prep. in, of, inside, within, amidst, into, on, at (a particular time)
15 conj. and
16 1. n. (legal) a contract by which a person, called donor, transfers his own property to another person, called donee, and the donee accepts the transfer; gift; donation.
2. v. to give; to grant.
3. v. to allow; to permit.
17 v. to be able (to do something); can
18 1. v. to be (at a place), to be located (at)
2. v. to dwell, to reside
19 1. prep. at, to, on the site of, within, amidst, at the location of
2. prep. for, during, at the time of
3. pron. that, which, who, whom
20 1. v. to have, to own
2. v. to contain, to include
3. v. there is, there are

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