Arabic Vocabulary: Actions

English Arabic
to smile اِبْتَسَمَ
to laugh ضَحِكَ
to cry بَكَى
to shake هَزَّ
to look نَظَرَ
to listen أَصْغَى
to smell شَمَّ
to touch لَمَسَ
to bend ثَنَى
to walk مَشَى
to run رَكَضَ
to swim سَبَحَ
to talk تَكَلَّمَ
to whisper هَمَسَ
to scream يصرخ
to shout صَرَخَ
to yawn تَثَاءَبَ
to hold مَسَكَ
to pull جَرَّ
to hit ضَرَبَ
to lick لَحَسَ
to swallow جَرَعَ
to eat أَكَلَ
to lie رَقَدَ
to stand وَقَفَ
to sit جَلَسَ
to kneel رَكَعَ
to sneeze عَطَسَ
to cough سَعَلَ
to stretch تَمَدَّدَ
to push دَفَعَ
to kick رَفَسَ
to rub حَكَّ
to dance رَقَصَ
to drink شَرِبَ
to taste تَذَوَّقَ

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