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The Chinese word for car is

qì chē



     1. 名词. 汽车
     1. steam, vapor, gas
     1. vehicle; car
     2. machine; instrument
     3. to tailor or sew using a sewing machine
      :車衫 - to sew clothes with a sewing machine
     4. (Cantonese) to drive somebody; to give somebody a ride
      :你 可 唔 可以 車 我 去 地鐵 站 呀? - Can you drive me to the MTR station?
     5. (Sichuanese) to rotate
     6. usage. 車 is a collective term for all types of vehicles with wheel(s). Additional morphemes are added in front to specify the type of the vehicle. For example:
      :汽車 - car
      :火車 - train
      :自行車 - bicycle
      :嬰兒車 - pram
     7. (Chinese chess) chariot; rook


qì chē

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