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Chinese Vocabulary

Set 1

If you're new to Chinese this is the page to start with on Lexis Rex. Below is a small set of words to begin learning, go through the set and each day learn two or three or more new words. Once you know a handful of words, you can start playing our games to reinforce your familiarity with them and start building your vocabulary and game scores. When you have learnt the whole set, there are 9 more Beginner sets to continue with, or you can try out the Intermediate games.

English Simplified Pinyin Pronounce Images
bird niǎopronunciation鸟
one pronunciation
three sānpronunciation
two èrpronunciation
face liǎnpronunciation脸
hand shǒupronunciation手
head tóupronunciation头
heart 心脏xīn zàngpronunciation心脏
door ménpronunciation门
home jiāpronunciation家
light dēngpronunciation灯
table 桌子zhuō zipronunciation桌子
car 汽车qì chēpronunciation汽车
shirt 衬衫chèn shānpronunciation衬衫
to drink pronunciation喝
to eat chīpronunciation吃
to hold pronunciation握
to listen tīngpronunciation听
to look kànpronunciation看
to run pǎopronunciation跑
to talk 说话shuō huàpronunciation说话
to turn zhuǎnpronunciation转
river 河流hé liúpronunciation河流
boy 男孩nán háipronunciation男孩
father 父亲fù qīnpronunciation父亲
friend 朋友péng yǒupronunciation朋友
girl 女孩nǚ háipronunciation女孩
man 男人nán rénpronunciation男人
mother 母亲mǔ qīnpronunciation母亲
son 儿子ér zipronunciation儿子
woman 女人nǚ rénpronunciation女人
book 书本shū běnpronunciation书本
school 学校xué xiàopronunciation学校
Monday 星期一xīng qī yīpronunciation
Tuesday 星期二xīng qī èrpronunciation


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