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Common Indonesian Words

A list of the most common Indonesian words ordered by their frequency of use. You can use this list to learn words efficiently, ensuring you cover the basic vocabulary of Indonesian.

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1 aku
     1. pron. I (personal pronoun)
           Aku sedang lapar.
             I am hungry.
     2. pron. me (direct object of a verb)
     3. pron. me (object of a preposition)
2 tidak
     1. adv. not (negates meaning of verb)
           saya, Saya tidak mau makan.
             I don't want to eat.
     2. adv. not (To no degree)
           buku, Buku itu tidak mahal.
3 yang
     1. conj. which ((relative) who, whom, what)
     2. pron. one (impersonal pronoun)
4 kau
     1. pron. you, your
5 ini
     1. det. this (the (thing) here)
     2. det. this (known (thing) just mentioned)
     3. det. this (known (thing) about to be mentioned)
     4. det. this (known (thing) that the speaker does not think is known to the audience)
     5. pron. this (The thing, item, etc. being indicated)
6 itu
     1. det. that (what is being indicated)
     2. pron. that (that thing)
7 di
     1. prep. in
           di Jakarta - in Jakarta
     2. prep. at
     3. prep. on
8 dan
     1. conj. and (used to connect two similar words, phrases, et cetera)
9 akan
     1. adv. will
     2. adv. about to
     3. adv. going to
           Aku akan membelikan ibu seikat bunga. - I am going to buy a bunch of flowers for mother.
10 apa
     1. pron. what (interrogative pronoun)
11 dia
     1. pron. he
           Dia sedang kelaparan. - He is starving now.
     2. pron. she
           Dia suka musik pop. - She loves pop music.
12 anda
     1. pron. you
13 kita
     1. pron. we (inclusive); I and those ones I am addressing to.
     2. pron. us (inclusive); me and those ones I am addressing to.
     3. pron. Eg:. Kita akan pergi ke toko: We will go to the store.
     4. pron. our (inclusive); my and of those ones I am addressing to.
     5. pron. Kita mempunyai komputer labotarorium baru di sekolah kita: We have a new computer laboratory at our school.
14 untuk
     1. prep. for (directed at, intended to belong to)
     2. prep. for (because of)
15 saya
     1. pron. I (personal pronoun)
     2. pron. me (direct object of a verb)
     3. pron. me (object of a preposition)
     4. pron. me (indirect object of a verb)
     5. pron. my (belonging to me)
16 mereka
     1. pron. they
17 ada
     1. v. to be (exist)
18 bisa
     1. v. can, be able
19 tahu
     1. v. to know (be certain or sure about (something))
     2. v. to know (have knowledge of)
           Saya tidak tahu.
             I do not know.
     3. n. tofu
20 dengan
     1. prep. with
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