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20 dengan
     1. prep. with
21 kamu
     1. pron. you
22 tak
     1. adv. not (negates meaning of verb)
           saya, Saya tak mau makan.
             I don't want to eat.
     2. adv. not (To no degree)
           buku, Buku itu tidak mahal.
23 dari
     1. prep. from
24 kami
     1. pron. we (exclusive); I and other(s) but not those I am addressing
           Kami sudah pergi ke pasar: We have been to the market.
     2. pron. us (exclusive); me and other(s) but not those I am addressing
           Ibu: Kamu sekalian sudah di mandi? Mother: Have you all bathed yet?.
           Anak-anak: Kami? Children: Us?.
25 ke
     1. prep. to
           Kemarin aku pergi ke rumah teman.
             Yesterday I went to a friend’s home.
26 ya
     1. interj. yes
27 adalah
     1. part. (predicate marker) am, is, are, was, were
           Dia adalah mahasiswa.
             He/she is a university student.
28 orang
     1. n. man (in general), person
29 harus
     1. v. have to, must, should
30 tapi
     1. conj. alternative form of tetapi
31 pergi
     1. v. to go
           Saya tidak mau pergi ke sana.
             I do not want to go there.
32 baik
     1. adj. good (acting in the interest of good; ethical (good intentions))
     2. adj. good (useful for a particular purpose (it’s a good watch))
     3. adj. good (of food, edible; not stale or rotten)
     4. adj. good (of food, having a particularly pleasant taste)
     5. adj. good (healthful)
33 sini
     1. adv. here
34 sudah
     1. Auxiliary verb. perfective aspect, indicating that the process has been accomplished, often inapproprietaly translated by already.
35 saja
     1. adv. only
     2. adv. just
     3. adv. merely
     4. adv. exclusively
     5. adv. Also, an emphasis word
36 ingin
     1. v. to want
           Aku ingin pergi ke sana - translation=I want to go there
37 dalam
     1. n. inside, indoors
     2. n. interior
     3. n. depth
     4. prep. inside
     5. prep. in
38 hanya
     1. conj. only
39 semua
     1. det. all
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