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Common Swedish Words

A list of the most common Swedish words ordered by their frequency of use. You can use this list to learn words efficiently, ensuring you cover the basic vocabulary of Swedish.

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1 jag
     1. pron. I
           Jag läser en bok.
             I'm reading a book.
           Bara du och jag.
             Just you and me.
2 det
     1. pron. It; third-person singular, referring to nouns of neuter gender. Nominative, accusative or dative
     2. pron. it; the impersonal pronoun, used without referent as the subject of an impersonal verb or statement
           Det regnar.
             It is raining.
     3. pron. it; the impersonal pronoun, used as a placeholder for a delayed subject or object
3 är
     1. v. present tense of vara
4 du
     1. pron. (personal) you (familiar sg.).
     2. pron. (personal) thou.
5 inte
     1. adv. not
           Jag har inte gjort det.
             I have not done that.
6 att
     1. part. Used to indicate the infinitive form of a verb; compare English to.
           (ux, sv, Att vara eller inte vara., t=To be or not to be.)
     2. conj. that
           (ux, sv, Jag tycker att det är en intressant bok., t=I think (that) it's an interesting book.)
7 en
     1. pron. one; object form of man (=one)
           (ux, sv, Det man inte vet skadar en inte, What one doesn’t know doesn’t hurt one.)
     2. pron. one (see usage notes)
     3. art. the indefinite article: a, an.
     4. n. juniper
8 och
     1. conj. and; used to connect two homogeneous (similar) words or phrases
           Jag gillar hundar och katter.
             I like dogs and cats.
     2. conj. and; used to denote the last item of a list
           äpplen, apelsiner och päron
9 har
     1. v. present tense of ha
10 vi
     1. pron. we (first-person personal plural subject pronoun)
     2. adv. (obsolete) why
     3. n. sanctuary
     1. prep. on, on top of; touching from above
           Boken ligger på bordet
             The book lies on the table
     2. prep. on, against, touching; hanging from or being attached to (a vertical surface)
           Äpplet som hänger på den grenen
12 i
     1. adv. used to signify that an action is done with intensity
     2. prep. in; located inside
     3. prep. in; specifies a place, a region or a country
           (ux, sv, Kim bor i Stockholm, som ligger i Sverige., Kim lives in Stockholm which lies in Sweden.)
     4. prep. (about time) to; before a full hour
13 för
     1. adv. too; To an excessive degree
     2. conj. because
     3. n. bow; the front part of a boat or a ship
     4. prep. for, for the sake of something or somebody
     5. prep. Used before the object of verbs indicating movement in conjunction with upp and ner
14 han
     1. pron. he, the third person singular, masculine, nominative case.
           (ux, sv, Han är mycket stilig., t=He is very handsome.)
     2. pron. (archaic or dialect) him (in standard Swedish, this is honom)
           jag såg han or ja' såg (standard Swedish: jag såg honom)
             I saw him.
15 vad
     1. pron. what
     2. n. bet, wager
     3. n. a ford, a place for wading, short for vadställe
     4. n. (anatomy) calf; the back side of the lower part of the leg.
16 med
     1. adv. also, as well, too
     2. prep. with, together with, in the company of
           (ux, sv, Han tränar (tillsammans) med vänner., He trains (together) with friends.)
     3. prep. including, containing, with; in addition to
           (ux, sv, Han hittade en plånbok med 100 euro., He found a wallet containing 100 euros.)
17 mig
     1. pron. me (objective case)
           Såg du mig aldrig där?
             Did you never see me there?
           Kan du lära mig att jonglera?
             Can you teach me how to juggle?
18 som
     1. conj. as, like; similar to
           Flitig som ett bi.
             Busy as a bee.
           Hon lät som en häst.
             She sounded like a horse.
19 här
     1. adv. here; at this time or at this place
           Här är den.
             Here it is.
     2. n. (historical) a land army
           Härarna drabbade samman tidigt på morgonen.
20 om
     1. conj. if
     2. prep. about
           en bok om tåg
             a book about trains
           Vad pratar de om?
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