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Ele fez o serviço com capricho


He did his work earnestly


     1. pron. third-person masculine singular nominative personal pronoun; he; it
     2. pron. third-person masculine singular prepositional pronoun; him; it
     3. pron. (Brazil) third-person masculine singular personal pronoun used in all positions; he; him; it
     1. v. verb form of fazer
     2. n-f. (rare) a piece of faeces
          1. v. to make
          2. v.          to create; to produce
          3. v.          to do; to execute; to perform
          4. v.          (auxiliary) to cause to
          5. v.          to arrange; to clean up; to tidy
          6. v.          to cook; to prepare (e.g. food)
          7. v. (indtr, de) to play; to pretend to be
          8. v. to turn; to reach an age; to have a birthday
          9. v. (indtr, por, ditr=1) to sell for a given price (usually to make cheaper in a bargain)
          10. v. to attend a course (academic or not)
          11. v. to pass (said of time)
          12. v. to be; to occur (said of a weather phenomenon)
     1. art. the masculine singular definite article
     2. pron. him, it (as a direct object; as an indirect object, see lhe; after prepositions, see ele)
     1. n-m. (economics) service (work that is produced, traded, sold, then consumed)
     2. n-m. work; labour
     3. n-m. job; a task
     4. n-m. workplace
     5. n-m. the way a commercial establishment serves the costumers
     6. n-m. (religion) service (religious rite or ritual)
     1. prep. with; against
     2. prep. with; alongside; together with (in the company of)
     3. prep. with (as a part or accessory of)
     4. prep. with (in support of)
     5. prep. with; using (by means of)
     6. prep. with (as a consequence of)
     7. prep. with; having
     1. n-m. caprice, fancy
     2. n-m. raze, rage
     3. n-m. in the expression fazer com capricho
     4. n-m.          stubbornness, obstinacy
     5. n-m.          care; skill

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