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The Portuguese word for mirror is



The gender of espelho is masculine. E.g. o espelho.


The plural of espelho is espelhos.

Portuguese Definition

     1. Substantivo. * espelho
     2. Verbo. * espelhar
     3. Verbo. * fazer uma cópia fiel de um site internet em outro

Translations for mirror and their definitions

     1. n-m. mirror (smooth surface, usually made of glass with reflective material painted on the underside)
           Ela comprou um espelho. (She bought a mirror.)
     2. n-m. (by extension) any reflective surface
     3. n-m. (figurative) role model (person who serves as an example)
     4. n-m. riser (vertical part of a step on a staircase)
     5. n-m. a protective plate around something, such as an escutcheon around a keyhole or a cover around an electric outlet
     6. n-m. (geology) a surface of a tectonic plate which has been polished by friction
     7. v. verb form of espelhar

     1. v. to mirror

     1. n-f. copy
           cópia de segurança - backup
     2. n-f. transcript
     3. n-f. replica, reproduction

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