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     1. n. Œuf.
     2. v. (Transitif) Jeter des œufs sur.
           They egged their teacher's house last night.
           Ils ont jeté des œufs sur la maison de leur professeur la nuit dernière.
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     1. n. (zoology) An approximately spherical or ellipsoidal body produced by birds, reptiles, insects and other animals, housing the embryo during its development.
     2. n. The egg of a domestic fowl (especially a hen) or its contents, used as food.
           I also determine the minimal amount of egg required to make good mayonnaise.
           We made a big omelette with three eggs.
           The farmer offered me some fresh eggs, but I told him I was allergic to egg.
     3. n. (biology) The female primary cell, the ovum.
     4. n. Anything shaped like an egg, such as an Easter egg or a chocolate egg.
     5. n. A swelling on one's head, usually large or noticeable, associated with an injury.
     6. n. (slang) A Caucasian who behaves as if they were (East) Asian (from being "white" outside and "yellow" inside).
     7. n. (NZ, pejorative) A foolish or obnoxious person.
           Shut up, you egg!
     8. n. (informal) A person, fellow.
           good egg
           bad egg
           tough egg
     9. n. (LGBT) A person who has not yet realized they are transgender, or who is in the early stages of transitioning.
     10. v. To throw eggs at.
     11. v. To dip in or coat with beaten egg (cooking).
     12. v. To distort a circular cross-section (as in a tube) to an elliptical or oval shape, either inadvertently or intentionally.
           After I cut the tubing, I found that I had slightly egged it in the vise.
     13. v. (transitive, obsolete except in egg on) To encourage, incite.
français > anglais
     1. n. egg
     2. n. egg; ovum


Exemples de phrases

It's all fat of the fish egg
Think your nest egg will tide you over or do you need a little something until you're on your feet? 
The wise egg doesn't teach the hen. 
I want the honey, egg white, tapioca, dead sea clay facial. 
This morning she has had grapefruit juice and an egg, she reports obediently. 

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