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anglais > français
     1. n. Bol.
     2. n. (Sport) Boule.
     3. n. Gamelle (d'un animal).
     4. n. Aquarium.
     5. n. (Argot) Foyer d'une pipe, d'une pipe à eau, d'un bang.
     6. n. (Sport) Module de skatepark : structure en forme de bol pour faire des figures.
     7. v. Faire bouler, rouler comme une boule.
           Lancer la balle (au cricket).
           (intransitif) Jouer au bowling.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. A roughly hemispherical container used to hold, mix or present food, such as salad, fruit or soup, or other items.
     2. n. As much as is held by a bowl.
           You can’t have any more soup – you’ve had three bowls already.
     3. n. A haircut in which straight hair is cut at an even height around the edges, forming a bowl shape.
     4. n. The round hollow part of anything.
           Direct the cleaning fluid around the toilet bowl and under the rim.
     5. n.          The part of a spoon that holds content, as opposed to the handle.
     6. n.          A part of a pipe or bong packed with marijuana for smoking
                    Let's smoke a bowl!
     7. n.          (typography) A rounded portion of a glyph that encloses empty space, as in the letters d and o.
     8. n. A round crater (or similar) in the ground.
     9. n. (sports) An elliptical-shaped stadium or amphitheater resembling a bowl.
     10. n. (American football) A postseason football competition, a bowl game (i.e. Rose Bowl, Super Bowl)
     11. n. The ball rolled by players in the game of lawn bowls.
     12. n. The action of bowling a ball.
     13. n. (in the but used with a singular verb) The game of bowls.
     14. v. To roll or throw (a ball) in the correct manner in cricket and similar games and sports.
     15. v. (intransitive) To throw the ball (in cricket and similar games and sports).
     16. v. To roll or carry smoothly on, or as on, wheels.
           We were bowled rapidly along the road.
     17. v. To pelt or strike with anything rolled.
français > anglais
     1. n. bowl
     2. n. luck


Exemples de phrases

She puts the bowl down on the table. 
This morning I had to eat a whole bowl of cardboard. 
Fell into the bowl when I poured the cereal. 
Place a bowl underneath, to catch the juices, and leave to drain overnight. 
I decided to leave a bowl of prunes for him out in the yard one night. 

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