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ciseau à bois
ciseau à bois


anglais > français
     1. n. (Outils) Ciseau.
     2. v. Ciseler, buriner, tailler.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. Gravel.
     2. n. (usually in the plural) Coarse flour; bran; the coarser part of bran or flour.
     3. n. A cutting tool consisting of a slim oblong block of metal with a sharp wedge or bevel formed on one end. It may be provided with a handle at the other end. It is used to remove parts of stone, wood or
     4. v. (intransitive) To use a chisel.
     5. v. To work something with a chisel.
           She chiselled a sculpture out of the block of wood.
     6. v. (intransitive, informal) To cheat, to get something by cheating.


Exemples de phrases

I wonder what an ice chisel would do to it. 
Next time you talk with them you better tell them that if they die the tombstones above their heads should be made out of stone, and chisel the names into it. 

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