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tuyau d
tuyau d'arrosage


anglais > français
     1. n. Tuyau, boyau.
           garden hose - tuyau de jardinage
           fire hose - boyau d'incendie
     2. n. (Habillement) Bas.
     3. v. Arroser avec un tuyau.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. A flexible tube conveying water or other fluid.
     2. n. A stocking-like garment worn on the legs; pantyhose, women's tights.
     3. n. (obsolete) Close-fitting trousers or breeches, reaching to the knee.
     4. v. To water or spray with a hose.
     5. v. To deliver using a hose.
     6. v. To provide with hose (garment)
     7. v. To attack and kill somebody, usually using a firearm.
     8. v. To trick or deceive.
     9. v. (transitive, computing) To break a computer so everything needs to be reinstalled; to wipe all files.
     10. v. (transitive, sport) To cause an unfair disadvantage to a player or team through poor officiating; especially, to cause a player or team to lose the game with an incorrect call.


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Find a water hose you couldn't handle, tough guy? 

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