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Common Russian Words

A list of the most common Russian words ordered by their frequency of use. You can use this list to learn words efficiently, ensuring you cover the basic vocabulary of Russian.

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1 и
     1. Letter. The tenth letter of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Its name is и (i) and is usually pronounced /i/, but unstressed or after certain consonants it merges with ы into /ɪ/. It is preceded by З and followi
     2. conj. and
           Вот я́блоко и гру́ша., Here’s an apple and a pear.
     3. conj. as well as, both ... and ...
           Росси́и нужны́ и а́рмия, и фло́т., Russia needs an army as well as a navy.
2 в
     1. prep. (location) in, at, on (+ prepositional case)v
           Он в театре (on v teátre) — He’s at (in) the theater.
     2. prep. (direction) to, into (+ accusative case)
           Он идёт в театр (on idyót v teátr) — He’s going to (into) the theater.
     3. prep. (time) at, in, on
3 не
     1. part. (negative in full) not, no, -n't, withoutne
           Он не зна́ет (vsjo bólʹše i bólʹše) - He does not know.
           не долете́в до це́ли (vsjo bólʹše i bólʹše) - without reaching the target
           он не ге́ний (vsjo bólʹše i bólʹše) - he is no genius
           Не де́лай э́того! (Ne délaj étovo!) - Don’t do it!
4 на
     1. prep. accusative case (sense, movement towards)na
     2. prep. onto, on
           на стол (Što oná govorít?) - onto the table
     3. prep. to, toward
           на по́чту (Što oná govorít?) - to the post office
5 быть
     1. v. to bebytʹ
           Так бы́ло, так есть и так бу́дет всегда́! (sam sebé golová) - So it was, so it is, and so it will always be! from the Hymn of the Russian Federation
6 он
     1. pron. third-person masculine singular pronoun: he, it.on
7 с
     1. Letter. The nineteenth letter of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Its name is эс (IPAchar, (ɛs)) and it has the sound of English s. It is preceded by Р and followed by Т.s
     2. prep. with (+ instrumental case)
           с братом (s brátom) — with my brother
           со всеми (so vsémi) — with everybody
           со мной (so mnoj) — with me
8 что
     1. conj. thatčto
     2. pron. what
     3. pron. that, which
9 а
     1. Letter. The first letter of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. It is followed by the letter б (b).a
     2. Letter. The name of the Roman letter A, a in Russian.
     3. conj. but, and (introduces a new or different meaning).
           Сего́дня тепло́, а вчера́ бы́ло хо́лодно — It is warm today, but yesterday it was cold.
           Это не я́блоко, а гру́ша — This is not an apple, but a pear.
10 по
     1. prep. with accusative casepo
     2. prep.    up to
     3. prep.    till
     4. prep.    indicates distribution (with numbers other than one, a thousand, a million, a billion)
           по́ два (две) / по две́сти - 1
11 это
     1. pron. demonstrative pronoun: this, it, thateto
           Мне э́то нра́вится! (Sláva bógu, što oní dobrálisʹ tudá v celósti i soxránnosti!) - I like it! or I like that!
     2. pron. neuter form of этот: this; compare этот/эта/эти and тот/то/та/те
           Э́то яйцо́ — све́жее, а вот э́то — ту́хлое. (Sláva bógu, što oní dobrálisʹ tudá v celósti i soxránnosti!) - This egg is fresh, and this one is rotten.
     3. part. Used as subject: it (is), this (is), that (is), these (are), those (are).
12 она
     1. pron. third-person feminine singular pronoun: she, it.ona
     2. pron. third-person feminine singular objective pronoun: her, it.
           Да как же она, так и говорит? (Da kak že oná, tak i govorít?) — What is she like? Does she talk?
           Её нет дома (Jejó net dóma, genitive) — She’s not home.
           Ей не спится (Jej ne spítsja, dative) — She is unable to sleep.
13 этот
     1. pron. this, theseetot
     2. pron. it
     3. pron. this one
     4. pron. that
14 к
     1. Letter. The twelfth letter of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Its name is ка (ka) and it has the sound of English k. It is preceded by Й and followed by Л.k
     2. prep. to, toward
           к дом, дому — to the house
           к бра́ту, to (my) brother, inline=y
           ко я, мне — to me
15 они
     1. pron. third-person plural pronoun: they.oni
16 мы
     1. pron. first-person plural, nominative case: wemy
     2. pron. (only when used with с): I
           мы с тобой — you and me
           мы с сестрой — me and my sister
17 как
     1. adv. howkak
           Как он э́то сде́лал? (vo vsjom míre) - How did he do it?
           Как дела́? (vo vsjom míre) - How are things?
           Как пройти́ на по́чту? (vo vsjom míre) - Can you tell me the way to the post office?
     2. adv. what
18 из
     1. prep. fromiz
           Он приезжа́ет из Москвы́, He comes from Moscow.
     2. prep. out of
           изде́лие из тка́ни, a product (that is) made out of cloth
           оди́н из ста, one out of a hundred
19 который
     1. pron. (interrogative pronoun) which?kotoryj
     2. pron. (relative pronoun) which, that, who
20 то
     1. pron. that (neuter singular of тот).to
           то же — the same
           к тому́ (же) — in addition, moreover
           ни то ни сё — neither fish nor fowl
           ни с того́ ни с сего́ — all of a sudden; without any visible reason
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