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20 อยู่
     1. v. to be (at a place), to be located (at)
     2. v. to dwell, to reside
21 หรือ
     1. conj. or
     2. part. final interrogative particle on a yes/no question
22 กัน
     1. adv. together
     2. v. To hinder, to hamper, to prevent, to place obstacles, barriers
     3. v. To avert, to ward off; to protect against (something)
     4. v. To defend, to protect, to enclose, to shut in, to fence in, to cover, to hide
     5. v. To surround, to enclose on all sides
23 นี้
     1. det. this, these
24 แต่
     1. conj. but
25 จาก
     1. prep. from
     2. v. to depart, to leave
26 อย่าง
     1. n. variety
     2. n. style, pattern
     3. n. kind, sort, type
     4. n. mode
     5. n. manner, method
27 เขา
     1. pron. third person pronoun.
     2. pron. (slang) first person pronoun.
             I miss you so much!
     3. n. any bird of the family Columbidae; dove.
28 ต้อง
     1. v. (auxiliary verb) have to, must, be required to, be duty-bound to
     2. v. to agree (with), be in accordance (with), to satisfy the requirements (of)
     3. v. to make contact with, be exposed to
     4. adv. perforce, necessarily
29 ด้วย
     1. adv. together, also, as well, too
     2. prep. with, along with
30 ขึ้น
     1. adv. up or upwards.
     2. adv. frontally or frontwards.
     3. adv. northerly or northwards.
     4. adv. easterly or eastwards.
     5. adv. in or to a greater extent or degree.
31 นั้น
     1. det. that
32 ผู้
     1. n. person, people
     2. n. one who, -er, -or
     3. adj. male
     4. pron. (formal) those, those who
33 ตาม
     1. v. To follow.
34 มาก
     1. adv. a lot, very much
35 โดย
     1. prep. by, via, with
     2. prep. -ly
     3. n. water
36 ใช้
     1. v. to apply (a law, rule, etc.).
     2. v. to disburse (money, etc.).
     3. v. to pay (a debt, sum, etc.); to perform (an obligation, etc.).
     4. v. to repay; to refund; to compensate.
     5. v. to require (someone) to do (something).
37 เรื่อง
     1. n. story
     2. classifier. classifier for a movie, story or tale
38 ยัง
     1. adv. yet; since; not yet; still
39 ทาง
     1. n. way, path, route, road
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