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The Lexis Rex website contains free games and exercises to give you a variety ways to keep your Thai vocabulary building. What you see and use now on the site is free, but if you use the site regularly enough you may want to become a member. Members receive the following current benefits, and as we build new things into the site they may become accessible only via the membership.

Current benefits of being a member:
  • No advertising
  • Access all 2000+ historical crosswords
  • Email subscriptions for Daily words and crosswords
Well that's it for now! But some of the features we will be adding soon will be new multi-lingual crosswords for the polyglots out there, and the ability to create your own word lists to play our games with.

Membership is $25 per year. But you can try it out for one month for $5. Be aware that the trial will automatically go to the $25 annual membership after one month unless you cancel it within the month from your PayPal account.

Becoming a member will mean your User Id shown here will be used to identify you, without the need for log-ins and passwords. Once you have paid via PayPal you will have access to the benefits after a few minutes while the membership is processed. You will receive an acknowledgement email along with a copy of your User Id. You are welcome to share the User Id with a friend, however you would also need to share the same score and vocabulary tracking as well.

Click here for the one month $5 trial:

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