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Latin Vocabulary: Actions

English Latin Images
to bend flectereflectere
to blink conivereconivere
to cough tussiretussire
to cry flereflere
to dance saltaresaltare
to drink biberebibere
to eat edereedere
to hit ferireferire
to hold teneretenere
to kick calcitrarecalcitrare
to laugh ridereridere
to lick lamberelambere
to listen auscultareauscultare
to look spectarespectare
to nod nutarenutare
to point digitaredigitare
to pull traheretrahere
to push truderetrudere
to rub fricarefricare
to run currerecurrere
to scream clamareclamare
to shake commoverecommovere
to shout vociferarivociferari
to sing canerecanere
to sit sederesedere
to smell olfacereolfacere
to smile subrideresubridere
to sneeze sternueresternuere
to stand starestare
to swim natarenatare
to talk fabularifabulari
to taste gustaregustare
to touch tangeretangere
to turn verterevertere
to walk gradigradi
to whisper susurraresusurrare
to wink nictarenictare
to yawn oscitareoscitare
to clean purgarepurgare
to wipe tergeretergere
to breathe spirarespirare
to read legerelegere
to fall caderecadere
to cut secaresecare
to sew sueresuere

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