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Est-ce que vous avez bien compris ?


Did you understand?


     1. adj. east
     2. n. east
     3. v. Third-person singular present indicative of être
     1. pron. this, that
     2. pron. it, this, that
     1. conj. that (connects a noun clause)
     2. conj. (construed with ne) only
     3. conj. Substitutes for another, previously stated conjunction.
     4. conj. (with the other clause in the negative) when, no sooner.
     5. pron. The inanimate direct-object interrogative pronoun.
     6. pron. The direct-object relative pronoun.
ce que
     1. conj. what (relative pronoun - direct object)
est-ce que
     1. part. Used to introduce a yes-or-no question.
     2. part. Used after a preposed interrogative to introduce the remainder of the question.
     1. pron. The plural personal pronoun in the second person:
     2. pron. You, to you (indirect object pronoun).
     3. pron. The plural or singular personal pronoun in the second person, at the polite form:
     1. v. second-person plural present indicative of avoir
          1. n. asset, possession
          2. vt. to have (to own)
          3. vi. to have to
          4. v. (auxiliary) to have (auxiliary verb to form compound past tenses of most verbs)
          5. v. to be, to be aged (speaking of age)
          6. v. to be (speaking of condition)
          7. v. to be, measure (speaking of measurements)
          8. v. to have (to trick)
     1. adv. well
     2. adv. indeed
     3. adv. (+ de, des, du) a lot of
     4. n. good as opposed to evil
     5. n. a commodity, a good
     6. n. a possession
     1. v. past participle of comprendre
     2. v. masculine plural past participle of comprendre
          1. v. to understand
          2. v. to include

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