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La boulangerie fournit mon restaurant en pain.


The bakery supplies my restaurant with bread.


     1. art. The (definite article).
     2. pron. (direct object) Her, it.
     3. n. la, the note 'A'.
     1. n. bread shop, bakery
     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of fournir
     2. v. third-person singular past historic of fournir
          1. v. To supply, to provide
          2. v. To put in
          3. v. (card games) To follow suit
          4. v. (slang) To poke, to shaft, to hump, to have sex
     1. adj. (possessive) my
     2. n. Followed by rank, address to a (male) superior officer in the military. Army-specific short for "monsieur".
     1. n. restaurant
     2. v. present participle of restaurer
          1. v. to restore
          2. v. (computing) to restore
     1. pron. Used as the object of a verb to indicate an indefinite quantity, of it, of them.
     2. pron. Adverbial preposition indicating movement away from a place already mentioned. En replaces the partitive article (du, de la, etc.)
     3. prep. in (used to indicate space)
     4. prep. by (used to indicate means)
     5. prep. as
     6. prep. at (used to describe an ability)
     7. prep. of, made of (used to describe composition)
     8. prep. in (during the following time (used for months and years))
     9. prep. (as a gerund, followed by a present participle) while
     10. prep. (as a gerund, followed by a present participle) by, in (describing a way of getting something)
     11. prep. in (used to describe color)
     12. prep. in (used to describe feelings)
     1. n. bread
     2. n. piece of bread
     3. n. Same kind of bread as a baguette, but bigger in size.
     4. n. (informal) punch (a hit with the fist)
     5. n. a block (of ice)

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