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Common Italian Phrases

A list of the most common Italian phrases ordered by their frequency of use. Normally these phrases have meanings that are more than the sum of their parts, more than their component words would indicate, so they are good to learn even if you know their individual words.

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1 se non
          1. conj. if not
                Se non è vero, è ben trovato.
                  If it is not true, it is a good story.
          2. conj. but, except
          3. conj. unless
2 il suo
          1. pron. his (that which belongs to him)
3 la sua
          1. pron. his (that which belongs to him)
4 i suoi
          1. pron. his (that which belongs to him)
5 ci sono
          1. v. first-person singular present of esserci
          2. v. third-person plural present of esserci; there are
6 per questo
          1. adv. for this reason; for that reason; for this; this is why
7 come se
          1. conj. as if, as though
8 e allora
          1. interj. so what
9 il nostro
          1. pron. ours
                Sono i nostri - They are ours.
10 le sue
          1. pron. his (that which belongs to him)
11 anche se
          1. adv. even if, even though
12 che cosa
          1. pron. what (interrogative pronoun)
                Che cosa manca? - What is missing?
                Che cosa vogliamo? Tutto! - What do we want? Everything!
13 in fondo
          1. adv. at the bottom; at the end; at the back; in the back
          2. adv. after all, all things considered
                In fondo, siamo tutti sulla stessa barca. - After all, we are all in the same boat.
14 fino a
          1. prep. up to (no more than)
          2. prep. till, until, to (time)
          3. prep. to, as far as, up to (location)
15 a volte
          1. adv. sometimes, at times
16 alla fine
          1. adv. on one's last legs, at wit's end
          2. adv. at the end
          3. adv. Variant of alfine
17 di nuovo
          1. adv. again, anew
          2. interj. goodbye
18 ogni tanto
          1. adv. occasionally, sometimes, now and then, every now and then, from time to time, once in a while
19 prima o poi
          1. adv. sooner or later
20 per esempio
          1. adv. for example, for instance
21 per quanto
          1. conj. as far as, much as, as much as, however much
22 per sempre
          1. adv. forever, for ever, forevermore, for good
23 a lungo
          1. adv. a long time, for a long time, for ages
          2. adv. at length
24 del tutto
          1. adv. fully, completely, totally, quite, entirely
25 per caso
          1. adv. by chance, by the way
26 ogni giorno
          1. adv. daily (every day)
27 di prima
          1. adj. previous, former
28 del genere
          1. adj. like that; this kind of; that kind of
                Non avevo mai visto una cosa del genere! - I had never seen anything like that!
29 se stesso
          1. pron. himself, itself, oneself
30 di notte
          1. adv. at night, by night
          2. adj. night (attributive)
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