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a picco


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a picco
     1. adj. sheer, precipitous, vertical
     2. adv. precipitously, vertically
     3. adv. under, to the bottom
     1. prep. in
     2. prep. at
     3. prep. to
     4. prep. Indicates the direct object, mainly to avoid confusion when it, the subject, or both are displaced, or for emphasis
           A me non importa. - To me it doesn’t matter.
     1. n. (geography) peak, summit
     2. n. (of a graph) spike, peak
     3. n. (figuratively) peak, high
     4. n. spur
     5. v. first-person singular present indicative of piccare
          1. v. (intransitive) To peak.
          1. v. (reflexive) to take offense
          2. v. (reflexive) to claim (to do something)

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