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Common German Phrases

A list of the most common German phrases ordered by their frequency of use. Normally these phrases have meanings that are more than the sum of their parts, more than their component words would indicate, so they are good to learn even if you know their individual words.

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1 immer noch
          1. adv. still
2 es gibt
          1. v. there is, there are
3 vor allem
          1. adv. above all (of prime importance), especially
4 ich auch
          1. Phrase. me too
5 immer wieder
          1. adv. over and over, again and again, time and again
6 was für
          1. det. what; what kind of
                Was für Getränke habt ihr mitgebracht?
                  “What drinks have you brought?”
                Du kannst dir vorstellen, was für ein Skandal das war.
                  “You can imagine what a scandal that was.”
7 am Ende
8 noch einmal
          1. adv. one more time, again
9 nach Hause
          1. adv. home, homeward (mobile, goal-oriented)
10 zu haben
          1. v. (formal) must, have to
          2. v. be closed
          3. v. (de-zu-infinitive of haben)
          4. adj. available
11 zu Hause
          1. adv. home, at home (stationary, non-goal-oriented)
                Ist deine Mutter zu Hause? - Is your mother home?
12 zum Beispiel
          1. Phrase. for example, for instance
13 überhaupt nicht
          1. adv. not at all
14 mein Gott
          1. interj. oh my God
15 zu viel
          1. adv. too much
16 nicht wahr
          1. Phrase. (tag question, rather formal) right?; is it?; is it not?
                Du bist sicher die Claudia, nicht wahr?
                  You must be Claudia, aren't you?
17 eines Tages
          1. adv. one day, someday
                Eines Tages wirst auch du es verstehen. (Someday you will understand it too.)
18 das heißt
          1. adv. that is, that is to say
19 keine Ahnung
          1. Phrase. no idea
20 wenn nicht
          1. conj. unless
                Du kannst mich nicht verstehen, wenn du nicht Deutsch sprichst.
                  You can't understand me, unless you speak German.
21 und zwar
          1. adv. actually, in fact
          2. adv. namely
          3. adv. absolutely
22 im Moment
          1. adv. at the moment
23 wie viel
          1. adv. how much
24 auf jeden Fall
          1. adv. in any case, at any rate; anyway
25 einfach so
          1. adv. just like that
          2. adv. just because
26 hin und her
          1. adv. hin und her
          2. adv. back and forth
27 ach so
          1. interj. ah, oh, I see; expresses understanding or surprise
28 bis jetzt
          1. adv. jetzt
          2. adv. so far (until now; previously; yet)
29 auf der anderen Seite
          1. adv. on the other hand
30 für immer
          1. adv. forever, indefinitely
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