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The Lexis Rex website contains free games and exercises to give you a variety of ways to keep your German vocabulary building. What you see and use now on the site is free, but to remove the ads and access exclusive extras you can become a member.

Current benefits of being a member:
  • No advertising
  • The ability to create you own word lists and learn from them using our flashcard, hangman, wordsearch and crossword games.
  • A panel covering the right side of the page (not on a mobile) with a handy on-page dynamic dictionary, live score display and integration with Your Words.
  • Automatic display of meanings for the answers to games on the bottom of the page for quick reference.
  • A "Video Jukebox" with random German educational videos from YouTube.
  • Integrated inks to various external German dictionaries to easily lookup a selected word.

Membership is $25 USD for one year (not automatically re-charged every year), or $2.50 (automatically charged monthly). If you would just like to remove the ads for $8 click here.

Becoming a member will mean your User Id, shown here or via the yellow Settings menu option, will be used to identify you, without the need for log-ins and passwords. Once you have paid via PayPal you will have access to the benefits after a few minutes while the membership is processed. You will receive an acknowledgement email along with a copy of your User Id.

You can get a free trial by clicking below. You will have immediate access to the membership benefits for 7 days

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