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Ich pflege zu laufen.


I usually walk.


     n. (psychoanalysis) ego
     n. self, me, him, etc.
     pron. I (first person singular nominative (subject) pronoun)
     v. first-person singular present of pflegen
     v. first-person singular subjunctive of pflegen
     v. third-person singular subjunctive of pflegen
     v. singular imperative of pflegen
          v. (Providing care or service for someone/something.) weak verb
          v.          to nurse; to care for someone in poor health
          v.          to take care of, to tend to, to maintain
          v.         #
          v. (To improve or care for something in an intellectual sense.) weak or strong verb
          v.          to cultivate; to foster; to nurture; to maintain
          v.         #
          v. (Expressing habituality.) weak or strong verb
          v.          to carry out regularly
          v.          to perform habitually; to be accustomed (to doing something); to be in the habit (of doing something)
     prep. to, towards (indicates directionality)
     prep. with respect to; regarding
     prep. along with; with (accompanying (the main thing in question))
     prep. at, on (indicates location)
     prep. at (indicates time)
     prep. by, in, on, at (indicates mode (of transportation, speech, etc.))
     prep. (with a verb) for; (with a noun) as, by way of (for the purpose of)
     prep. for (in honor of, or directed towards the celebration or event of)
     prep. into (indicates transition into another form or substance)
     prep. as, for, to be (to take on the role of)
     prep. to (used to indicate ratios)
     prep. at (denotes a price or rate)
     part. (with infinitives of verbs) to
     adv. (with adjectives and adverbs) too (excessively)
     adv. (by extension, slang) (An intensifier.)
     adv. towards; at
     adv. (somewhat, informal) shut; closed; locked
     adv. ahead, on (along, forwards (continuing an action))
     adj. (somewhat, informal) shut, closed (made inaccessible or impassable; not open)
     adj. closed (not operating or conducting trade)
     adj. done up (fastened)
     adj. (slang) hammered; very drunk
     v. to walk; to jog; to run (to move on foot; either at a normal or an increased speed)
     v. to flow; to leak; to run
     v. to be in progress; to run
     v. to happen, to go on, to take place
     v. to run, to execute (a program)
     v. to be in order; to work; to function
     v. to pass; to flow

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