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Nun, wie war dein Tag?


Well, how was your day?


     adv. now, then; expressing a logical or temporal consequence
     adv. unstressed and expletive, used for minor emphasis
     interj. now, well, so
     adv. how
     conj. like
     conj. as
     conj. (colloquial, nonstandard) than
     conj. (chiefly colloquial) when (referring to the past)
     v. first-person singular past tense of sein
     v. third-person singular past tense of sein
          v. (with a predicate adjective or predicate nominative) to be
          v. (with a predicate adjective and an indirect object) to feel (to experience a certain condition)
          v. (auxiliary) forms the present perfect and past perfect tense of certain intransitive verbs
          v. (intransitive) to exist; there be; to be alive
          v. (intransitive, colloquial) to have the next turn (in a game, in a queue, etc.)
          v. (intransitive, child language) to be it; to be the tagger in a game of tag
          det. his
          det. its (when the owning object/article/thing/animal etc., is neuter (das) or masculine (m))
     pron. genitive singular of du
     det. thy, your (esp. to friends, relatives, children, etc.).
     n-m. a day; a period of time that lasts 24 hours
     n-m. a day; the period from midnight to the following midnight
     n-m. a day; the period between sunrise and sunset when there is daylight
     n-m. (astronomy) a day, the rotational period of a planet, moon or any celestial body (especially Earth)
     n-m. the part of a day which one spends at work, school, etc
     n-m. a day; a specified time or period, considered with reference to the prominence or success (in life or in an an argument or conflict) of a person or thing
     n-m. (dated) a convention, a congress (now found chiefly in compounds such as Reichstag or Landtag)
     interj. (colloquial) hello; (good) day

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