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     1. syllable. (ja-syllable)ka
     2. syllable. (ja-kana-def)
     3. counter. 課: lessons, chapters
     4. counter. 箇, 個, 个, カ: numbers in the Chinese (ichi-ni-san) counting system
     5. counter. 箇: articles
     1. n. linesen
           線を引く - to draw a line
     2. n. level
     3. n. beam
     4. suffix. (science) ray
     1. syllable. (ja-syllable)nu
     2. syllable. (ja-kana-def)
     3. suffix. (after the 未然形 of a verb the negative: indicates negation of the action, ending without starting or occurring): not
           風が立たぬ - the wind does not rise / does not pick up
     4. suffix. (after the 連用形 of verb the perfective: indicates completion of the action, ending after starting or occurring): has done, has happened
43 放送
     1. n. broadcast (a radio or TV transmission on air)housou
           放送時間 - broadcasting hours; air time
     2. v. broadcast
     1. n. numbergou
     2. n. pen-name
     3. suffix. ordinal marker, often with prefix 第. It's used like -st, -nd, -rd, -th in English.
           (第)六号 - (The) 6th
     1. n. an army, forcegun
     2. n. the armed forces, military
           (hypo, ja, 海軍, tr=kaigun, 空軍, tr2=kūgun, 陸軍, tr3=rikugun)
46 無い
     1. adj. nonexistentnai
           私がテーブルの上に確かに置いたリンゴが無い。 - I know I put an apple on the table, but it's gone.
           名前はまだ無い。 - I don't yet have a name.
     2. adj. not possessed or unavailable for one to use
           お金がない。 - I'm broke.
     1. counter. copies of a newspaper or magazinebu
     2. n. division, divide, a part
     3. n. section, bureau, department
     4. suffix. division, bureau
     5. suffix. school club
48 持つ
     1. v. to hold, to carry somethingmotsu
           コートを持ちましょうか。 - Shall I hold your coat?
     2. v. to have, to possess
           パスポートは持った? - Have you got your passport?
           お金をいくら持っていますか。 - How much money do you have?
     1. counter. placesshi
     2. suffix. place
     3. n. a place, a scene, a site; an addresstokoro
           遠い所に行ってみたい。 - I want to go to a faraway place.
           あの窓のところにいる人は誰? - Who is the person by that window?
     1. n. namena
           名を連ねる - put one's name on (a list)
           名ばかりの - in name only
     2. n. reputation
           名が響いている - be famous
     1. counter. a turn, times around somethingmawari
     2. counter. occurrenceskai
           一週間に二回 - twice a week
     3. counter. innings in baseball, games, rounds
     4. n. time, occasion
52 世界
     1. n. the worldsekai
           世界の各国から - from each country of the world
     2. n. a metaphorical world (how one lives one's life)
           彼はこの世界に住んでいないようです。 - It's like he's not living in this world.
     3. n. society, the times
     1. n. timetoki
           時の流れ - the flow of time
     2. n. a case, occasion, time
           困った時は私に相談して下さい。 - Please consult with me when troubled (in times of trouble).
     3. n. time of something
           (synonyms, ja, 合戦, tr=gassen, 攻戦, tr2=kōsen, 戦争, tr3=sensō, 戦い, tr4=tatakai)ikusa
           (synonyms, ja, 軍勢, tr=gunzei, 兵士, tr2=heishi, 兵隊, tr3=heitai)
     1. n. archery
           (synonyms, ja, 弓術, tr=kyūjutsu, 射, tr2=sha, 射芸, tr3=shagei, 射術, tr4=shajutsu)
     2. suffix. match, competition (in sports, etc.)sen
55 時代
     1. n. age, era, period (of time)jidai
     2. n. the times, spirit of the age
     3. n. antiquity
     4. n. a time in one's life, one's days (in college etc.)
56 東京
     1. n. an eastern capitaltoukiu
57 おく
     1. n. 億: 10 = 100 millionoku
     2. n. 奥: inside
     3. v. 置く: to put
     4. v. (following a て-form verb) to do in advance; to do for some future purpose
58 でも
     1. part. evendemo
           宇宙からでも万里の長城が見える。 - Even from space you can see the Great Wall of China.
     2. part. also in
           日本でも英語を勉強する。 - In Japan also, we study English.
     3. part. but, however
59 呼ぶ
     1. v. to call; to call outyobu
     2. v. to call, to apply a name to someone
     3. v. to send for someone, to call for someone, to get someone
     4. v. to call something by a name; to designate
     5. v. to invite
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