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Japanese Vocabulary

Set 1

If you're new to Japanese this is the page to start with on Lexis Rex. Below is a small set of words to begin learning, go through the set and each day learn two or three or more new words. Once you know a handful of words, you can start playing our games to reinforce your familiarity with them and start building your vocabulary and game scores. When you have learnt the whole set, there are 9 more Beginner sets to continue with, or you can try out the Intermediate games.

English Romaji Kanji Kana Pronounce Images
bird toriとりpronunciationtori
one ichiいちpronunciation
three sanさんpronunciation
two nipronunciation
face kaoかおpronunciationkao
hand tepronunciationte
head atamaあたまpronunciationatama
heart shinzou心臓しんぞうpronunciationshinzou
door tobiraとびらpronunciationtobira
home ieいえpronunciationie
light akari明かりあかりpronunciationakari
table teburuテーブルpronunciationteburu
car jidousha自動車じどうしゃpronunciationjidousha
shirt shatsuシャツpronunciationshatsu
to drink nomu飲むのむpronunciationnomu
to eat taberu食べるたべるpronunciationtaberu
to hold tsukamu掴むつかむpronunciationtsukamu
to listen kiku聞くきくpronunciationkiku
to look miru見るみるpronunciationmiru
to run hashiru走るはしるpronunciationhashiru
to talk hanasu話すはなすpronunciationhanasu
to turn magaru曲がるまがるpronunciationmagaru
river kawaかわpronunciationkawa
boy otokonoko男の子おとこのこpronunciationotokonoko
father otousanお父さんおとうさんotousan
friend tomodachi友達ともだちpronunciationtomodachi
girl onnanoko女の子おんなのこpronunciationonnanoko
man otokoおとこpronunciationotoko
mother hahaははpronunciationhaha
son musuko息子むすこpronunciationmusuko
woman onnaおんなpronunciationonna
book honほんpronunciationhon
school gakkou学校がっこうpronunciationgakkou
Monday getsuyoubi月曜日げつようびpronunciation
Tuesday kayoubi火曜日かようびpronunciation


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