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Welcome to our online daily crossword, Level 2. You can play the crossword from this page or print it. When the flashing cursor is green, typing fills in the answers of the crossword across, when it is blue, typing fills in words down. Click the cursor again to change the direction, or select a clue to set the cursor. Click the grid on the bottom for accented letters.

No. 2736


1The period of time that has already happened, in contrast to the present and the future
3Indicates spatial enclosure or containment.
Indicates figurative inclusion within the scope of.
7Bizarre, strange, having an unusually strange character or behaviour
9Any of the manners by which living beings perceive the physical world: for humans sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste.
Perception through the intellect; apprehension; awareness.
10Serving to extend or lengthen.
Widespread; covering an extent.
12Consequently; it follows (that)
15Any of the medium-sized to large feliform carnivores of the subfamily Hyaeninae (genera Hyaena and Crocuta), native to Africa and Asia and noted for the sound similar to laughter which they can make i
(Sub-saharan Africa) A man that performs ritualized sex acts with recently widowed women and menarchal girls.
16A barrier that separates two pieces of land or a house perimeter
17A colour/color that is a dark blend of red and blue; dark magenta.
Cloth, or a garment, dyed a purple colour; especially, a purple robe, worn as an emblem of rank or authority; specifically, the purple robe or mantle worn by Ancient Roman emperors as the emblem of im
18A large, highly organized military force, concerned mainly with ground (rather than air or naval) operations
1The fine particles which are the result of reducing dry substance by pounding, grinding, or triturating, or the result of decay; dust.
(cosmetics) A mixture of fine dry, sweet-smelling particles applied to the face or other body parts, to reduce shine or to alleviate chaffing.
2An article of clothing that is worn on the upper part of the body, and often has sleeves, either long or short, that cover the arms.
An interior lining in a blast furnace.
4(idiomatic) Despite, irrespective of, notwithstanding.
5(conjunctive) as a result; therefore, for this reason
6A requirement for something
8A public hall for dancing.
(music genre) A genre of Jamaican dance music derived from dub and reggae.
11Something that corrects or counteracts.
(legal) The legal means to recover a right or to prevent or obtain redress for a wrong.
12Belonging to them
13One who owns something.
(nautical, slang) The captain of a ship.
14An establishment that sells goods or services to the public
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