English Word Search Game

Word Search puzzles are useful to help improve your word recognition, spelling and vocabulary. Using the provided meanings as clues, search for the appropriate English word in the grid. Circle the word by clicking on the first and last letters of the word.

Word Clues
1 1. adv. (degree) intensifier.
2 1. v. third-person singular present indicative of do
2. n. plural of doe
3 1. adj. wished for; desired; sought
2. adj. (legal) subject to immediate detainment by law enforcement authorities on sight.
3. v. simple past tense and past participle of want
4 1. n. A specific commercial enterprise or establishment.
3. n. A person's occupation, work, or trade.
5 1. n. The act of using.
3. n. (un, followed by of) Usefulness, benefit.
6 1. pron. Any object, act, state, event, or fact whatever; a thing of any kind; something or other.
3. pron. (with “as” or “like”) Expressing an indefinite comparison.
7 1. n. A large settlement, bigger than a town.
3. n. (UK) A settlement granted special status by royal charter or letters patent; traditionally, a settlement with a cathedral regardless of size.
8 1. v. To wish for or to desire (something).
3. v. (intransitive, now, dated) To be lacking or deficient; not to exist.
9 1. v. To get into one's hands, possession(,) or control, with or without force.
10 1. n. A telephone conversation.
11 1. v. To intend.
2. v. To intend, to plan (to do); to have as one's intention.
12 1. prep. With the source or provenance of or at.
13 1. v. (intransitive) To be alive; to have life.
3. v. (intransitive) To have permanent residence somewhere, to inhabit, to reside.
14 1. adj. (postpositive, used only with indefinite or interrogative pronouns) Other; in addition to previously mentioned items.
3. adv. (follows interrogative adverbs) Otherwise, if not.
15 1. n. A device for transmitting conversations and other sounds in real time across distances, now often a small portable unit also capable of running software etc.
2. v. To call (someone) on the telephone.
3. n. (phonetics) A speech segment that possesses distinct physical or perceptual properties, considered as a physical event without regard to its place in the phonology of a language.

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